January Favorites: New Year's Haircare and Skincare

January Favorites: New Year's Haircare and Skincare

Personalized and functional products for an ideal skincare to start the year with renewed skin and hair

Starting the year with the right energy but, above all, with renewed hair and skin. This is the goal of January favorites, with products for a luminous, plumped, hydrated, fresh face and repaired, nourished and hydrated lips. But not only that, even the hair is healthy and voluminous thanks to a perfect styling product for curly hair and a tailor made shampoo, that is to say designed and created according to the specific needs of your hair, a real beauty pamper. .

Miin Cosmetics

Benton Fermentation Essence

Essences, ie essences, come from Korea and are a hybrid product between a tonic and a serum. In fact, they are used between the two, because their consistency is more viscous than a tonic but less dense than a classic serum. Their function is moisturizing, soothing and useful to better convey the active ingredients of the products that will be applied later. Specifically, Benton's Fermentation Essence leaves the skin not only hydrated, but extremely soft. It is tapped on the face, which immediately appears more relaxed, with a plumped, luminous, fresh and soothed complexion, reducing the signs of tiredness and expression. This is because it contains a high percentage of fermented ingredients, first of all Galactomyces, in first position in the list of ingredients. It is a fungus whose main function is to combat wrinkles and the signs of aging, regenerating cells and restoring elasticity. It also contains ceramide and hyaluronic acid, for a moisturizing and nourishing action and is also suitable for the most sensitive skin.

Miin Cosmetics

Urang Glow Oil Serum

Urang is also a Korean cosmetics line that contains natural and precious ingredients. The Glow Oil Serum is an oil for normal and dry skin, but it can also be used for combination skin, to be integrated into a richer skincare routine. Contains sweet almond, sunflower and jojoba oil, with a nourishing and illuminating action, but also soothing calendula and chamomile, which make it suitable for sensitive skin, essential oil of mandarin and bitter orange and tocopherol, with a high moisturizing power and antioxidant. A few drops are enough and it can be applied instead of the serum, before the cream or by adding a few drops directly into it. Being an oil, the advice is to warm it in your hands by rubbing it, then dabbing your hands on the face without rubbing, to make it penetrate better. On dry skin it can be applied morning and evening, on mixed skin better only in the evening.

To Be Ware

To Be Ware Tailor Made shampoo

Personalized products, designed for your needs, are a real treat to treat yourself or give away. To Be Ware creates Tailor Made shampoos, to be customized according to your hair type and desired effect. In fact, by answering simple questions, it will be possible to create customized shampoos with natural active ingredients and formulations suitable for specific problems or requests. You choose the age group, the frequency of washing, if you have performed coloring treatments and the use of styling and drying tools and again if you suffer from problems such as itching, dandruff, fall, brittle or frizzy hair . But it can also be customized according to the skin, choosing between dry, oily, sensitive and normal and also the length of the hair, the thickness of the hair, and the lifestyle. After answering the questions, a summary screen will show the ingredients chosen for the shampoo, for example keratin, oils, panthenol, herbs and natural active ingredients that will perfectly match the needs of each hair.


Alfaparf Reactivating Spray Curls

Hair washing is important, but styling is just as important. The right products, in fact, can save time in the drying phase and make hair more defined, easy to style, eliminating frizz and making it soft and full-bodied. Alfaparf Reactivating Spray Curl with flax seeds is ideal for those with curly hair. Thanks to its formula, it manages to support curly and wavy hair, making it defined with the classic spiral shape, but without weighing it down or exaggerating with the volume. It is ideal for those looking for definition but do not like the effect that is too puffy, while leaving the lengths soft, shiny and hydrated. The spray formula is convenient to dose, by spraying the product directly on the hair and subsequently distributing it throughout the hair. For thinner and not very thick or shorter ones, it is better to apply it directly on the hands and then distribute it without exaggerating the quantity.


Blistex MedPlus repair ointment jar

It is perhaps one of the most used products in winter: lip balm is a universal, sexless and ageless must-have product. The cold, the wind and the change in temperature between the heat of the interior and the cold of the external ones can dry them, create cracks, skin or even wounds and cracks, not to mention herpes. Blistex is famous for its high quality lip products, also designed for sports and highly performing, so much so that they have also been used for a long time by snow and white week accustoms. In particular, Blistex MedPlus is an ointment in a jar capable of quickly repairing the lips, softening them and leaving them smooth and protected for a long time. Perfect to apply in large quantities in the evening as a compress to be left all night but also at any time of day, without exceeding four times a day. For makeup addicts it is a life-saving product to apply before starting to put on makeup, to avoid having to use lipstick on chapped lips full of cuticles. Contains camphor, menthol and eucalyptus for immediate relief but also lanolin, which creates a protective film, coconut oil, olive oil, cocoa and shea butter, all ingredients with a high moisturizing and emollient power.

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