January's favorites: skincare and a jolly facial makeup product

January's favorites: skincare and a jolly facial makeup product

This is a skincare January, with an eye on the face base, also in terms of makeup. Here are 5 must-have products not to be missed!

Dense Veralab Cynical Beautician Oil for removing make-up at full speed and as a fundamental step in the skincare routine

How many of you go to bed in the evening without removing make-up? If you answered "I" well … very bad! Make-up removal is essential for an optimal condition of the skin because, despite using excellent skincare products, the skin is affected, suffocated and could give way to rashes, rashes, allergies and pimples. In addition, you would go to sleep with your face full of germs, bacteria, pollution and dirt of all kinds. To make everything even easier and faster but, above all, to not pollute and not irritate the skin with the rubbing exerted by cotton pads, a valid alternative are oily detergents. The Veralb Dense Oil by Esthetician Cynic is applied directly with the fingers, it is massaged and in a few seconds dissolves all the makeup. Then pass a warm microfibre cloth to remove it and, if desired, rinse or proceed with a foaming detergent. It is very delicate, even on the lashes, and I lose a lot less by removing make-up since I use it. In addition, it is a wild product: it can also be used as a nourishing face on dry or wet skin, on the elbows or chapped areas, on the hands for a compress with cotton gloves, on the lips but also as a scrub combined with salt or sugar , as a hair mask or on the tips before drying them, as a base for hair removal and also to remove wax residues … in short, it is really a must have with many uses!

Source: Veralab

Bye Bye dark circles with the eye contour serum The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG

I have been fighting for years with red / purple circles that do not abandon me, a bit for genetics a little because I live in front of the PC and sleep too little. I can't easily find products that are truly effective for the eye area, that really have results. I don't expect the miracle, but an improvement yes! And, I must say, The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG eye contour is truly a godsend, I also bought it for my mom! Na takes very little and lasts an eternity, it is tapped directly on the eyes until absorbed and then, if necessary, a more moisturizing eye area can be applied. I use it morning and evening and the results seem visible to me from the first application. Will it be a placebo effect? If in doubt, I keep buying it back!

Source: The Ordinary

Essence of Officina Dei Saponi, borrowed from the Korean skincare routine and still little used in Italy

Another new entry product in my skincare in 2019 just passed is the essence. It is part of the steps of the Korean skincare routine, but in Italy it is not yet particularly widespread and not many people use it. It is applied after the tonic and before the serum and serves to give a boost of hydration, nutrients and active ingredients that are absorbed deeply by the skin. The Essence of Officina Dei Saponi I use it both in the morning and in the evening and has the particularity of being 100% natural but, above all it contains fermented organic extracts, stimulating cell renewal, making the skin compact and luminous, has a soothing and it can be used, as in my case, also on mixed or oily skin, because it has a very light texture.

Source: Officina Dei Saponi

A serum for combination or oily skin that does not dry out the skin excessively? Whamisa Organic Flowers Apple Sebum Treatment

Mixed skin is one of the most boring types of skin to treat, because the products are often too aggressive, going to worsen the dryness of some areas, or too rich, going to grease the T zone. You need to find balanced treatments, that act on several fronts: Whamisa Organic Flowers Apple Sebum Treatment serum does just that. Combats excess sebum, rebalancing the skin, it is not fat or heavy. But at the same time it provides hydration, it is not too light in dry areas of the face and absorbs quickly, without making too much layer, so that you can immediately apply a specific cream for your needs. I can no longer do without it in the morning! And it is also available in travel format, so you can try it before deciding to buy the full size version.

Source: My Beauty Routine

A perfect passepartout palette on the road to reduce spaces: Erikioba X Cosmyfy Portraits Untitled Palette N.0

Erikioba x Cosmyfy's Portraits Untitled N.0 palette and I are now inseparable, I carry it everywhere! I find it comfortable because it is thin, compact, does not take up space on the go and has everything you need for contouring your face: warm earth to use as a bronzer, colder earth for contouring, blush and illuminating. When I really can't carry much with me, I also use it on the eyes to shade the crease, create a brown smokey eyes or pink tones, applying the illuminant as a light point. The powders are very fine and fade on their own, impossible to stain even if you accidentally apply too much product. The duration is also excellent, I apply it in the morning and until the evening I don't need to touch up, not even the blush which is usually the first to leave.

Source: Cosmyfy

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