Jasmine Carrisi: “Being Al Bano's daughter made me suffer”. And reveal a wish

Al Bano, daughter Jasmine reveals a background on her music debut

Jasmine Carrisi reveals the background of her debut in an interview, declaring how difficult it was for her to be the daughter of Al Bano

Venice, Al Bano on the red carpet with his children Jasmine and Albano Jr

Jasmine Carrisi is already a star like her father: she made her debut in the world of music with her hit Ego, a modern sounding song with tens of thousands of views on Youtube. Yet, getting close to music was not easy for the daughter of Al Bano and Loredana Lecciso: in an interview with the weekly Dipiù, the nineteen-year-old declared how difficult it was for her to be a daughter of art:

Let's say that there was no lack of prejudices against me. Being "daughter of" has sometimes weighed. The eyes of those who scrutinize you, of those who say to you: "Ah but you are the daughter of Al Bano" and so on, in the long run they can be annoying. There were those who went against me, those who turned up their noses just because I was Al Bano's daughter. Here, the song I published is a bit of a manifesto of what I have become: I no longer intend to be harnessed. I am me, with my passions, my qualities. I studied, I will continue to do so and I will continue to cultivate what I would like to become my profession: music.

Jasmine has clear ideas, who – however – has decided not to abandon her studies, also by the will of her mother and father: she will soon move to Milan to attend Communication Sciences, without ever losing sight of her passion for music: " very excited at the idea of ​​leaving and going to Milan, the city where my father went to seek his fortune. This is the first time that I have taken flight and left my home. "

During the interview, Jasmine also let herself go to some background on the relationship with her famous father, who for her represents a real guide. Yet, the young Carrisi has told some, innocent, episode of jealousy on the part of Al Bano:

He is jealous in general. To shoot the video of my song I wore a nice large sweatshirt, but I had a short skirt. And dad says to me: "Where are you going around with those thighs out?". I started laughing, too.

This paternal jealousy is more understandable, especially if one's daughters are in the spotlight: it was also the case of Chanel, daughter of Francesco Totti. The latter, just like Al Bano, saw his daughter catapulted onto the covers of the most glossy newspapers.

But Jasmine, despite her young age, already seems to have cut her teeth in the face of criticism and media attention. After all, as she herself told in the interview, Loredana and Al Bano have always loved each other, and together they raised her and her brother in joy.

The young rapper from Cellino still has many dreams to pursue, but there is one that stands out among the many: Jasmine would like to share an experience in Sanremo with Al Bano, thus demonstrating that she does not fear the difference between her musical genre and that of the father:

I'd like to go up on the stage of the Ariston one day and sing together. It would be the dream come true.

The nineteen year old, who is earning the affection of young and old audiences, is stubbornly fighting for her desires and it would not surprise us if in 2021 we saw her in the city of flowers singing with her dad.

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