Jasmine Carrisi, her wish: "I would have liked to know my sister Ylenia"

Jasmine Carrisi, her wish: "I would have liked to know my sister Ylenia"

On the occasion of the interview with Corriere della Sera, Jasmine Carrisi revealed one of her deepest desires and love for music

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In a long interview with Corriere della Sera, Jasmine Carrisi talked about her dreams and her family (unconventional, but with a big heart). And when the time came to reveal something about herself, she did not hold back and elegantly accepted the request: "I would have liked to know my sister Ylenia".

Born in 2001, Jasmine, born from the love between Al Bano and Loredana Lecciso, loves music, just like her dad. However, he ruled out doing a duet together in the future, probably to stand out and break away. Despite having studied music, there was a lot of skepticism about it, and the young woman admitted that she often felt in trouble.

When you are a child of art, you carry an important baggage with you, which can actually weigh you down. With an open heart, she did not hesitate to reveal that her mother Loredana and her father Al Bano supported her, but they tried to warn her: "I discovered I have a cumbersome surname". Through the interview, we learn that he has suffered many negative comments, especially on Instagram, where he has often thought of closing his profile.

"Everyone has carte blanche to vent frustration, at times they conditioned me", revealed his fragile soul, of a girl who still has so much to learn, but who at the same time can boast the support of a loving family. Jasmine pointed out that, in reality, “We are less worse than how they paint us”.

His relationship with the extended family is fundamental: he talks with Yari, the son of Al Bano and Romina, especially about music; he feels with Romina Jr, as they share a passion for Los Angeles, where one day Jasmine dreams of living. Full of hopes and desires, there is one in particular, and which unfortunately is impossible.

“I would have liked so much to know my sister Ylenia, I know she was very intelligent, we would have had some nice conversations”. A very beautiful thought, which shows us an unprecedented Jasmine: sensitive and full of talent, we are sure that she will find her place in the musical world and that she will be able to fight her "bulky surname".

After all, the passion for singing is what moves her and makes her feel fulfilled. Although according to her brother "there are too many singers in the family", Jasmine instead preferred to follow her vocation, at any cost. And we can only expect great things from her.

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