Jaundice in newborns, a luminous pajama to treat it

Jaundice in newborns, a luminous pajama to treat it

New in jaundice care: a special pajama for treating newborns outside the incubator and keeping them warm.

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Until now, babies suffering from jaundice were placed in an incubator. Swiss researchers have devised a model of pajamas that allows children to be cared for even in their mother's arms.

A novelty designed to change the way jaundice is treated in newborns: researchers at the Swiss Material Testing and Research Laboratory (EMPA), based in Switzerland, announced the creation of a special pajama in Biomedical Optics Express which allows children to be cared for outside the incubator.

It is a luminous pajama made of a washable fabric in which satin fiber optic fibers are inserted. Through LEDs light is generated which then the fibers distribute evenly on the child's little body, avoiding the eyes. Unfortunately the light emitted by the pajama has for now less intensity than that which can be conveyed in the incubator, but it is also true that we are talking about an experimental prototype that can then be improved and modified, it is not to be feared that therefore the light intensity will be increased thanks to more powerful LEDs in the finished product and ready for commercialization.

Jaundice is a disorder that many newborns suffer from which results from a malfunctioning of the liver that in the days immediately after giving birth cannot completely eliminate toxic substances circulating in the body. Since there is an accumulation of bilirubin, the baby's skin has a yellowish hue. Jaundice is treated with phototherapy and if it is not treated promptly, it can even cause brain damage. Phototherapy is given to the baby in the incubator, but the invention of this luminous pajama could allow treatment even between the reassuring arms of the mother, an option that is certainly appreciated by both the small and the mother.

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