Jealous amber of Renga. And da Costanzo talks about the relationship with Allegri

Guest at L'Intervista, Ambra Angiolini tells her story in the round. And he talks about Renga and Allegri

Maurizio Costanzo starts again with his show L’Intervista, an unmissable appointment to discover some more curiosities about the many famous people who have passed by his sitting room. The broadcast returns on Thursday in the late evening, and the first advances concerning Ambra Angiolini are already circulating.

The ex-girlfriend of Non è Rai is one of the faces most loved by the public, and in this period she is on the crest of the wave. After conducting a new, very difficult edition of the May Day Concert, she was in contention for a while (according to rumors) to take the reins of La Vita in Diretta Estate. Apparently, in reality, she won't be leading the summer show, but it was enough to arouse the enthusiasm of her many fans. During his chat with Maurizio Costanzo, in front of the cameras of Canale 5, Ambra Angiolini indulges in some curiosity about his private life.

Inevitable some questions about his former partner Francesco Renga, the man with whom he shared his life for 11 years as well as father of his two sons Jolanda and Leonardo. Confessing, Amber decided to bring to light an unpublished detail: "I was very jealous of him" – explains the actress – "He has always been a very desired, much wanted man". Their relationship ended (with great gossip clamor) now several years ago, and Angiolini found a new love in her life.

Since 2017 she is in fact the companion of Massimiliano Allegri, the Juventus coach. Their chatted love story, amidst curious indiscretions and small clues thrown here and there in the media, has been going on for quite some time and seems to resist even the greatest difficulties. It is Ambra herself who speaks of the relationship she has with Max, also revealing a background on their relationship: “I live with my children in Brescia. He lives between Turin, Livorno and Milan, where he has a daughter. "

So theirs is a love at a distance? "We meet around, we are itinerant" – explains Angiolini. On the other hand, in addition to having two very demanding careers, both have a rather complex private life. Ambra has in fact decided to stay in Brescia after her farewell with Francesco Renga, so as not to keep the children away from their dad. Allegri, on the other hand, has his eldest daughter Valentina in the Lombard capital, while his second son Giorgio lives in Livorno. It is therefore not surprising that the coach is always around.

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