Jeff Bezos, entrepreneur: biography and curiosities

Jeff Bezos, entrepreneur: biography and curiosities

Jeff Bezos is the creator of the well-known Amazon website. All that remains is to discover all the curiosities about the life of this manager

Jeff Bezos was born on January 12, 1964 in Albuquerque, a town in New Mexico. This renowned character is the creator of the giant of the commercial sales web, that is Amazon. Thanks to the launch of the latter, Bezos has become one of the most important entrepreneurs in the world. In fact, Amazon is currently one of the most popular trading sites. So, all that remains is to retrace the career of this successful entrepreneur and discover some curiosities related to his profession and hobbies. The Bezos family is made up of the mother Jacklyn and the father Ted. The woman gave birth to Bezos during her teenage years. When she found out she was pregnant, she married her first partner. However, the couple's marriage did not last long. Jacklyn was still very young when she gave birth to her son Jeff and had to face all the responsibilities related to the baby's birth alone. Following the divorce, he met Miguel Bezos, of Cuban origin and the two married. This new family moved to Texas in the city Houston. Here the woman's new partner began to carry out the profession of engineer.

Jeff spent his youth in Texas, enrolled in university and graduated. Later, he began to perform various jobs in the IT sector. These experiences led the entrepreneur to work on some projects for the "Fitel" company. Despite his new occupation, Jeff retires to become the creator of the popular Amazon sales website. After its launch, the commercial network immediately obtained numerous positive results, so much so that the entrepreneur was awarded the title of Character of the year by the newspaper "Time". In a short time, Jeff Bezos therefore reached a great reputation, continuing to deal constantly with his assignments for the new sales network, which has now become a real phenomenon on an international level. Thanks to the excellent results achieved, Jeff Bezos later purchased the "Washington Post", one of the most famous newspapers in America for an amount of 250 million dollars. The fame achieved by the founder is now very great, so much so that he has been included in the current category of the richest men in the world by Forbes, because of his important income.

Nowadays, is a real internet phenomenon. At this point you just have to discover some aspects related to the career and private life of the famous creator of Amazon, one of the richest entrepreneurs on the planet. As for the creation of the commercial network, it should be mentioned that Bezos started this important project at the age of only 30 years. Not only that, the site was created while Jeff spent time inside the garage of his home, rented in the city of Seattle. Nowadays, at the age of 52, Bezos has become a billionaire entrepreneur. In addition to this great success in the IT world, this entrepreneur has further passions and interests. It is Bezos himself, in fact, who explained the importance of sleeping at least eight hours a night in various interviews. While other great impresarios develop the bad habit of resting very little, Jeff is very careful to respect the right hours of sleep so that various gossips claim that he has put a sleeping bag inside his building, so as to allow himself a long nap in busy and busy periods.

Not only that, in this regard the computer scientist has also declared that he does not particularly love alarm clocks, as he is a strong supporter of natural awakening. Waking up alone, without the use of alarm clocks, is a real relief for Bezos for the state of well-being. Also, among his most expensive hobbies for which he could become a famous man, is to go around the oceans. In fact, whenever possible, Bezos loves to indulge in long journeys to the oceans with the aim of being able to find various NASA space rockets that are generally lost by spacecraft. The Amazon founder always tries to venture into various dives with the use of a submarine to carry out his research and find these important pieces. Most often, Jezz Bezos makes these trips in the company of his family. Sometimes searches can take several weeks to find a single missile. The entrepreneur was also the founder of a space company, known as "Blue Origin" to allow all fans to make real space travel. As for the diet, unlike Steve Jobs, Bezos usually has a different breakfast every day.

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