Jeff Bridges and cancer: "I feel good and I turned 71"


Jeff Bridges, after announcing in October that he has a tumor, reassures fans and publishes a photo with the new shaved look: "I feel good, I shaved, I got a dog and I turned 71"

Jeff Bridges and his condition after cancer announcement. The actor, the unforgettable protagonist of The Big Lebowski, announced on social media, in October, that he was suffering from lymphoma (a tumor that affects the lymphatic system). Today he updates the fans on his health conditions always through his Instagram account.

Jeff, posting a photo sitting in a rocking chair on the patio of his house overlooking the sea, writes:

I feel good. I shaved my hair. I got a little dog, Monty. I turned years old – wow, I'm 71

"New shit has come to light", the actor wrote on Twitter in October, quoting a line from Lebowski. “I was diagnosed with lymphoma. Although it is a serious disease, I am fortunate to have a large team of doctors following me and the prognosis is good ”.

“This cancer thing is bringing feelings of preciousness and gratitude, and a lot of old-fashioned love,” he'd always written on social media. “I really feel this love is coming, and I really appreciate it. It is contagious, as if it were some kind of positive virus ".

The Big Lebowski actor also shared on Instagram in the post in which he updates on his condition, a link to his personal website, where he talks about music and art in general. Jeff writes on the site:

“Here is the next topic I want to explore: Music. We need it, friends, and all our musicians are having a blast making a living these days with Covid restrictions. "

The actor then shared a link to his great friend and colleague John Goodwin's music and a take of them as a child; and paid tribute to the Buddhist teacher Bernie Glassman, with whom he is the co-author of the 2014 book Il dope and the Zen master.

Finally, he shared a link to the non-profit organization No Kid Hungry which writes: "The health of our children can serve as a compass, letting us know if we are on course or if we are off course".

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