Jen Selter, selfie B side by one and a half million followers on Instagram

Jen Selter, selfie B side by one and a half million followers on Instagram

Jen Selter, famous for its B side

Jen Selter is 20 years old, lives in New York and has the most clicked B side on the planet. In fact, it has earned her almost a million and a half followers on Instagram, where she posts images in which her B side is almost always the protagonist. Rihanna, footballer Terrrel Owens and basketball star Amar’e Stoudemire are just a few of his most famous followers. Jen has one big passion: the gym. She defines herself as a soap and water girl and is becoming an example for American stars like Rhianna who constantly follows her on Instagram.

She started posting her photos a year ago: acrobatic yoga poses on the streets of New York, dressed only in a sports bra and pink leggings. His profile quickly became popular: "But is it true?" Writes a boy; while another asks her in marriage. Miss Selter replies to the extraordinary unexpected success: "They recognize me everywhere. Now I don't go to gyms anymore because it becomes a show and I don't like being watched". But evidently she likes the virtual liking. And he continues: "I don't place images of my face but only selfies on my body. People don't want to see my face". And the fashion photographer Ben Fink Shapiro describes it thus: "She is so thin. She has no hips, and then suddenly, boom, her butt comes out of nowhere." And success is assured.

Jen has left college and now wants to make sportswear. Its practically perfect B side is due to the hours spent in the gym, healthy food and the endless sessions of gymnastics and yoga. His video lessons are very popular, millions of visits on youtube. Jen is single and lives with her mother on the Upper West Side, attends a beautician school and has always worked to maintain her studies.

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