Jennifer Aniston, at 52 and without makeup, is always our “Rachel”

Jennifer Aniston senza trucco

Jennifer Aniston gives the example we like: without makeup and without filters in a photo on Instagram, she is always our Rachel

Sacrifices, disappointments and successes: Jennifer Aniston's story of resilience

Sacrifices, disappointments and successes: Jennifer Aniston’s story of resilience

There are characters from television series who leave you something, even years after their broadcast. This is the case with Rachel in Friends, a role that Jennifer Aniston has played for years, which we have never forgotten and which somehow inspired us to become better women. But Rachel alone wouldn’t have been as inspiring. Because Jennifer Aniston is the secret: in the post she shared on Instagram, without makeup and without filters, she showed us that she continues to be that girl in search of happiness and her place in the world.

Jennifer Aniston, 52, and not hear them

Somehow, Aniston still looks like a teenager. Or maybe that time that is – rightly – past, we don’t want to see it. After all, how could we? The lively look, the funny faces he has accustomed us to, that spontaneity and genuineness that are not for everyone. Which, at least usually, we’re not used to seeing in Hollywood stars.

And it is precisely with the shot shared on Instagram that we were able to admire its natural beauty. Makeup? No, not even a drizzle of mascara, or a lipgloss. Filters? Why use it if we can send an important message? By the way, Jennifer Aniston doesn’t lack irony either: due to the humidity, her hair is tangled. But we always like it, and maybe a little more, because those who know how to take themselves little seriously have a lot to communicate.

A life spent in support of women’s freedom

If it is true that we love it naturally, it is equally true that we have always appreciated it for never having been not very transparent. For a long time, the press hurt her deeply, so much so that she got to write a letter for the Huffington Post, to silence the rumors that they wanted her to be a mother.

“We don’t need to be married or mothers to be complete. We are also without a partner or without children. The decision is ours alone “. There are many, many indiscretions that have made her the protagonist of difficult moments: denied pregnancies, desires that are only hers, and that should not interest us.

Jennifer Aniston e la reunion di Friends

At 52, Aniston has had some experiences, not always positive ones. How can we forget her bond with Brad Pitt, the end of that love that made Hollywood dream, the presence of Angelina Jolie. A strong woman, who remained stripped of the affection she believed was eternal.

On the occasion of the Friends reunion, Aniston found herself facing the most complex episodes of her life. “Hi, past, do you remember me? Remember how it sucked? You thought that everything was in front of you and that life would be simply wonderful and then you went through the most difficult moment of your life ”.

The Friends reunion was an event for us, as we were able to meet Rachel and her friends again. And perhaps this is Jennifer Aniston’s secret: her natural beauty is due to the courage of having been able to live without resorting to expedients, overcoming obstacles with her head held high, preferring a life free from masks.

Jennifer Aniston without makeup

Jennifer Aniston without makeup, the post on Instagram

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