Jennifer Aniston, the 52-year-old actress in five films and a TV series

Jennifer Aniston, i 52 anni dell’attrice in cinque film e una serie tv

Much loved actress, style icon, admired woman, who in the course of her career has given life to unforgettable roles

Jennifer Aniston is an actress, one of those who know how to excite the audience thanks to their indisputable talent, but she is also a woman that all the others can easily identify with. Because over time and his life in the spotlight he has shown us all his strength: he has overcome difficult times, he has shown us that friendship in Hollywood is true and lasting, but he has also amazed us with ever new roles.

Born on 11 February 1969, she turns 52 and has been a style icon from the very beginning, who has dictated fashions in terms of hair and looks, but who also made the audience dream thanks to acting. Surely her most iconic role is that of Rachel Green in the Friends series, after all the ingredients for the success of that sitcom were all there: a cast of talented young actors, stories of love and friendship. But her career has since kicked off and Jennifer Aniston has proven she can stay on top of the wave.

Five films (and one series) with Jennifer Aniston to watch.

A week from God

A Week from God is a 2003 film directed by Tom Shadyac. Along with Jennifer Aniston, Jim Carrey and Morgan Freeman star. A funny comedy, with some epic scenes, which tells of Bruce Nolan a dissatisfied journalist who finds himself having to deal with some unexpected events. The actress in the film plays the protagonist's partner. The film was a success.

I hate you, I leave you, you …

Another film that hit the box office was I hate you, I leave you… dated 2006 and directed by Peyton Reed, it saw Aniston star opposite Vince Vaughn. A romantic film that tells the story of a couple in love who, however, have to deal with a relationship that doesn't work and that will lead them to break up but continue to live together. Obviously between various difficulties. What will happen in the end?

Me & Marley

A successful book and a film that touched the hearts of viewers: Me & Marley is a film dated 2008, directed by David Frankel, in which Jennifer Aniston can be seen acting opposite Owen Wilson. The film is a must for those who love animals because the centerpiece of the story is Marley, a labrador retriever, and how he becomes part of the life of the two protagonists.

The truth is he does not like you enough

Released in 2009, based on the novel of the same name and directed by Ken Kwapis The Truth Is He Doesn't Like You Enough is an ensemble film that saw a large cast of actors at work including Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Connelly and Ben Affleck. And it is with Ben Affleck that Aniston is paired in the film, a film that tells the truth about relationships and her feelings. Unmissable.


Jennifer Aniston in Cake (2014) puts herself to the test with a dramatic film that also earned her some nominations, for example at the Golden Globe and the Screen Actors Guild Awards. In the film she plays Claire Simmons, a successful lawyer, whose life changed by an accident. This is why she participates in a support group that will help her deal with her own existence. In Cake, directed by Daniel Barnz, you can admire an unpublished Aniston.

The Morning Show

With the television series The Morning Show (2019) Jennifer Aniston was nominated for several awards and won the Screen Actors Guild Awards for Best Actress in a Drama Series. In the cast – among others – also Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell. A series set in the world of journalism and news that the public really liked.

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