Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck get married: the announcement and the diamond ring

Jennifer Lopez, after the rumors of the last few days, has confirmed her engagement with Ben Affleck: wedding in sight

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, passionate kisses (in the family).  And she is more and more beautiful

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, passionate kisses (in the family). And she is more and more beautiful

Not even a day has passed since the international newspapers reported the news of Jennifer Lopez with a diamond ring on her finger: a wedding in sight for that love that made Hollywood and the whole world dream. Instead, some time has passed since Jenny from the Block, from the first attempt to be together: twenty years, to be exact. And we are here, at the end, twenty years later, moved by the announcement of Jennifer Lopez, who, through her newsletter, wanted to show her ring. No, it’s not a dream: Jennifer and Ben are engaged. Officially. It is again.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got engaged

In recent days, Jennifer Lopez was paparazzi in Los Angeles with her daughter, Emme: the artist was radiant in her outfit, a colorful dress, sunglasses, but something else caught the attention of the paparazzi. A ring on the finger, to be exact: sparkling, green in color, with attached diamonds. Could it be the one bought by Ben Affleck in the summer of 2021, when photographers surprised him in a jewelry store? It is not known (for the moment).

As always happens in these cases, the rumors ran around, the indiscretions were wasted: the major American newspapers were titled on their engagement, on the wedding in sight, on the wedding. To silence all rumors about her future with Ben Affleck, J.Lo chose to share the announcement in a video available on her newsletter. It goes without saying that the comments of excitement, congratulations and congratulations are wasting away, for the couple who are teaching us the most that, yes, loves return. And there is always time to find each other.

The return of the flame: the beauty of second chances

For those who know Jen and Ben, there is no question: it’s a full-blown engagement announcement, to silence the rumors and to share the wonderful news with fans and the whole world. Confirmation also came from People. Jennifer was supposed to marry Alex Rodriguez: when the two ended, she found in Affleck the strength to overcome that moment. Thus, their old love was strengthened.

“I would say that the first time we learned the lesson,” revealed the artist in an interview with the New York Times. “You always have to do what makes you feel good, but at the same time you learn from the past. The second time you do things better “. Is the second engagement the right one?

The projects of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

Sources close to the couple had no doubts: there are those who openly admitted that friends would not be surprised if the marriage proposal arrived. Lopez and Affleck began dating for the first time in 2002: then, once the breakup was announced, they formed a family with other people. But, evidently, that love had remained there, dormant, waiting to live her time.

In their future, in addition to the 50 million villa in Bel Air that they bought to move with their family, there is also the wedding, which seal, forever, one of the most beautiful stories in Hollywood. Which had its happy ending. And who taught us that nothing is lost, if only there is the will.

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