Jennifer Lopez horoscope, the characteristics of Leo

Jennifer Lopez nata sotto il segno del Leone

Proud, self-centered but also tenacious and unstoppable when aiming for a goal: Jennifer Lopez embodies all the characteristics of Leo

The iconic Jennifer Lopez could only be born under the sign of Leo, of which she fully represents all the characteristics. Born on July 24, 1969 in New York, J.Lo is one of the most famous pop stars ever. A woman who with her tenacity, willpower and a pinch of self-centeredness – typical of her sign – always manages to get what she wants. Envy does not exist for Leos because they live like rulers on the roof of the world.

Horoscope, the characteristics of Leo

Leo (July 23 – August 22) is a Fire sign dominated by the Sun, from which it draws all its bursting strength. Its stones and metals could not be other than the most precious, namely gold and diamond. It is no coincidence that golden yellow is its color, while its favorite flowers are poppy and sunflower.

According to Virgil Horoscope those born under the sign of Leo are proud, self-centered but, when they deem it appropriate, also magnanimous and generous. Yes, they are just like rulers above everything and everyone who dominate the world with unrivaled enthusiasm.

Leo loves being the center of attention and is very selective in choosing people to deign even just a glance, which is also true in love. Passionate and self-confident, when they aim for a “prey” those born under this sign know no limits and set out to conquer without fear. Their ideal partners? Of course those at their height, who do not make them “disfigure”.

At work, Leo is the perfect leader, because he prefers to give orders rather than receive them. He wants to have everything under control and expects everything to be organized down to the smallest detail (i.e. how he wants it). In his free time he loves to surround himself with people who share his passions, alternating moments of relaxation with sport, dance, music and everything that allows him to express his inexhaustible energy.

Jennifer Lopez, born under the sign of Leo

Beautiful, talented, just perfect. Jennifer Lopez embodies the characteristics of Leo in practically every respect, starting with her desire to be the center of attention. After all, the most famous Latin pop star of all time can only be the undisputed Queen of the stage: magnetic, energetic, J.Lo has the world at her feet.

But, as a good Leo, Jennifer Lopez is not a simple “egocentric” who demands attention. What makes her special and what has made her an icon over time are her skills and her ability to put them to good use and cultivate them with extreme intelligence. Singer, actress, dancer, entrepreneur and producer: J.Lo has managed to turn everything on which she has set her gaze into gold.

Since 1999 he has released ten highly successful albums and has also joined numerous roles on the big screen to his musical career. We’ve seen her (gorgeous) in films like Sooner or Later I’m Getting Married, Shall We Dance ?, That Mother-in-Law’s Monster, Bordertown, and What to Expect When You Expect. For J.Lo, cinema has become a love to the point of founding a film distribution house of his own.

Demanding at work, but also in love life. Jennifer Lopez did not have many loves and when she was younger she lived through stories between ups and downs, often wrong for her. The partners we know (the most famous) have been the protagonists of long and passionate stories like few others, because at a certain point the splendid J.Lo realized she needed a man who would treat her like the Queen she is. She has been married three times, the first to Cuban waiter Ojani Noa, the second to dancer Cris Judd and the third to longtime friend and singer Marc Anthony. Then from 2016 she made a steady couple with the baseball champion Alex Rodriguez (with whom she arrived a few steps from the altar).

Like all those born under the sign of Leo, the pop star is not a woman who is satisfied with the first random partner but is attracted to handsome, prestigious, talented men who above all know how to win her heart, managing to “tame” and live together. with his innate desire to be the center of attention. Does anyone remind you of this identikit of Jennifer’s ideal partner? After a long time, in 2020 we saw a dream come true: J.Lo is back in the arms of Ben Affleck, a reunion that took everyone by surprise and that no one expected, since their first relationship was not at all roses. and flowers. Long live the Queen (and the Bennifers)!

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