Jennifer Lopez one of us: her shyness in the story with Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez

JLo is unable (yet) to speak in public about her relationship with Ben Affleck, showing some embarrassment

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck: the return of “Bennifer”. The long love story

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are more and more in love and although they spend every free moment together – as evidenced by the numerous shots of the paparazzi – they have no intention of speaking in public about their relationship.

In fact, JLo, guest of the Today program on the occasion of the promotion of the re-release of his song Love Make the World Go Round, has kindly avoided the questions about his love life. With a certain veil of embarrassment, she did not want to answer questions about Ben Affleck, despite the phrases of her friend Hoda Kotb, guest of the episode of the show together with the singer.

"Look, I have to tell you – said the reporter enthusiastically – every time I see a picture of you and Ben, I just think 'He looks happier! He seems happier! "Aren't we all happier?".

Lopez, shy and embarrassed, glossed over by changing the subject, just like any of us would do at the beginning of a relationship. For Jennifer it is a very special moment: she found love with a man who had made her happy and, although many years have passed since their breakup, time seems not to have affected their feelings. And perhaps it is precisely for this reason that, like so many of us, the singer wants to protect that love so unique, that nothing and no one has managed to dent: "The song is out. Five years have passed since we presented it and I believe that that message of loving one another is even more important today than it was then ".

Kotb then tried to play the friendship card, trying to convince her to open up on the love story with the actor: "Wait, you're talking to me, you know?". JLo promptly replied: “I know, you can call me. Do you have my number". Kotb burst out laughing and looking at the conductor Lin-Manuel Miranda whispered: “Well… we tried“.

The singer, at least for the moment, has never made any official statements on the romance with the actor, even though a few weeks ago she let herself go to some confessions: “I'm super happy. I know that people always ask themselves: 'How are you? What is happening? Are you okay? 'That's all. I've never been better ”.

"I am happy with all the love that I am feeling around me and all the good wishes that are coming to me at this moment – he added -. I just want everyone to know it's great. It is the best moment of my life “. Although she never mentioned Ben's name, it's clear that this is a truly magical moment for the singer.

Among other things, according to what has been revealed by the Us Weekly, the couple is serious and intends to start a cohabitation as soon as possible. JLo could therefore leave Miami to move to Los Angeles and fulfill her dream of love with the actor. "When they're not working, Ben and Jen spend practically all their evenings together," said a source close to the couple. And they already plan to live in the same house, it will be very soon ".

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