Jennifer Lopez toasts to 2021, at 51, in better shape than ever

Jennifer Lopez brinda al 2021, a 51 anni, più in forma che mai

Jennifer Lopez, after the incredible New Year's show at Times Square, celebrates 2021 with a video by the sea showing her in amazing shape: 51 years old and not hearing them

Jennifer Lopez, a wonder (and a mystery) of nature. The only one who at 51 years of age is identical, if not more beautiful, than at 20. Who continues to act, perform, sing with the same energy as before. And to dedicate herself to her wonderful extended family like any normal mom. Were it not that she is just not normal, since on New Year's Eve she performed in a thrilling live (in every sense, considering the temperature) in Times Square, with an incredible blue tulle dress by Balmain. The next day she was home, doing a work out with weights and exercises. The next one she is busy promoting her new line of beauty products “JLO BEAUTY“. To then pose, in a new video posted on Instagram, on the beach in Miami, in a breathtaking bikini, commenting next to the photo: “Meditation and affirmation to seek the motivation of Monday”.

J-Lo is indefatigable, unstoppable, multifaceted, he sparks energy from all pores. And we who struggle to make it to the end of the day, between work and children, we wonder how the (ex) girl from the Bronx still has all this energy, after half a century of life.

“I feel like a superwoman,” the star revealed some time ago. Certainly her super toned and perfect physique, at 51 years old, is not only thanks to a lucky genetics: Jennifer confesses to never giving up, to train even on vacation: weights to maintain the tone of the arms and TRX, for legs and rest of the body. When at home, he sports four to five times a week, preferably in the morning, and at least two hours a day. Among the inevitable exercises, the squat for the abdomen and its super famous side b, insured for 27 million dollars.

Next to the physical discipline, the daily one: at least 8 hours of sleep a day, a healthy and balanced diet, little sun and no alcohol, smoke or caffeine. Jennifer is a war machine, driven by discipline and iron will: “The secret of my success is that even today I am the one who works most of all. True to the saying: whoever stops is lost. And I never stop “.

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