Jennifer Lopez's sugar-free diet

Jennifer Lopez's sugar-free diet

No carbohydrates or sugars for 10 days: these are the rules of Jennifer Lopez's diet to get back in shape

A diet without sugar and carbohydrates: this is the secret of the breathtaking physique of Jennifer Lopez. This year the pop star will turn 50, but still retains a perfect shape.

All thanks to a low carb diet and a targeted workout that aims to sculpt some specific points of the body. The diet of J Lo lasts only 10 days, during which all foods containing carbohydrates are eliminated, to lose weight quickly, but without losing muscle tone.

Jennifer consumes five meals a day, bringing lean meat and fish, eggs, meats and aged cheeses, seasoned with extra virgin olive oil or butter, accompanied by oil seeds, green leafy vegetables, cucumbers, courgettes or peanut butter .

Twice a day the popstar eats snacks rich in good Omega 3 fats and with a high satiating power, such as walnuts, pistachios and almonds, it is also crazy for fruit jelly, which chooses light and low carb. To drain fluids, combat cellulite and eliminate excess toxins, Jennifer Lopez drinks at least two liters of natural water a day, supplementing it with green tea, matcha tea and herbal teas.

He doesn't even give up coffee, which he consumes for breakfast or in the afternoon sweetening it with stevia. In the diet without sugar and carbohydrates of the singer with Puerto Rican origins there is also space for a particular dish, the konjac spaghetti.

Konjac is a tuber that grows mainly in Asia and is used to prepare a substitute for pasta. It does not contain calories, fat, carbohydrates, gluten, lactose or protein, but it is rich in mineral salts. A 100-gram serving of spaghetti konjac contains only 20 calories.

The pop star explained how the 10-day challenge works in a video posted on Instagram that also features boyfriend Alex Rodriguez. "We have just left the gym and we are in the middle of our 10-day challenge – he explained – and we would like to invite other people to eliminate sugar and carbohydrates for 10 days. The first and second day you realize how dependent you are on sugar – he revealed -. It's like a drug. Eliminating it, you lose pounds and centimeters. I am halfway there and I already know the difference ”.

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