Jenny Craig diet, lose a lot of weight: how it works

Jenny Craig diet, lose a lot of weight: how it works

Selected by international stars like Mariah Carey, this diet is easy to follow and promises excellent results

Oily fruits, what they are and the effects on the diet

Jenny Craig's diet is a diet that promises important results in terms of weight loss.

Conceived in 1983 by the American nutritionist Jenny Craig, now head of numerous centers in different countries of the world, it is based on two pillars. The first is personalized advice from an expert, while the second concerns the consumption of ready meals, which can be frozen or freeze-dried. Their role is central. At the beginning of the path, the diet of those who follow the diet totally dominate.
As we proceed towards the middle, their quantity is reduced. The person who follows the diet – chosen over the years by international stars of the caliber of Mariah Carey – is even invited to cook their own meals and to find a balance between the nutrients taken daily.

As for the daily calorie intake, we remind that it is established by the consultant during the cognitive interview and taking into account the characteristics of the individual person. The overall plan has a duration of four weeks and, in addition to ready meals (which can be purchased by referring to a specific branded Jenny Craig line), it also allows you to take vegetables, fruit and, in general, low calorie foods.

The scheme also provides for a strong reduction in the contribution of milk and derivatives. The same applies to saturated fats and foods with a high sodium content. Jenny Craig's diet, on the other hand, allows for the consumption of small quantities of chocolate. Among the other conceivable treats it is possible to remember popcorn (as long as they are without salt) and margherita pizza.
Simple to follow and appreciated for not leaving room for food extremism, Jenny Craig's diet has a cost of $ 30, a figure that includes weekly consultancy with a nutritionist, the possibility of viewing menus online and accessing advice on physical activity. The latter must be of medium-low intensity and must be carried out for at least 30 minutes a day.

This diet, also approved by Nestlé experts, should only be started after consulting your doctor and holding all the results of your blood tests.

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