Jessica Mazzoli from D’Urso: upset by Morgan

Jessica Mazzoli from D’Urso: upset by Morgan

Jessica Mazzoli returns to talk about Morgan to Live – It is not D'Urso and attacks him after some declarations

Jessica Mazzoli returns to attack Morgan, commenting on the statements made by the singer during Live – It is not the D’Urso. For years now, the former X Factor star and the former Bluvertigo frontman have been exchanging arrows and remote charges. At the center of the controversies is little Lara, the six-year-old daughter born from their relationship who, according to what Jessica revealed, would have seen her father very few times.

In D'Urso's living room, Morgan talked about his relationship with Anna Lou, the result of history with Asia Argento, and Lara, revealing that he loved his daughters very much and that he had not abandoned them. Not only that, the singer went so far as to say that Jessica Mazzoli would have "set him up".

Strong words, to which she replied once again during the transmission of Canale Cinque, attacking the ex-partner and claiming to be upset by his behavior.

"I am upset, I get an absurd nervous – said the singer -. He said a lot of lies. The bad thing is that he swore on God. I am a believer, a Christian, it is a very serious offense. You don't swear to God when you say certain things. "

"I absolutely didn't abandon it, I left for myself and my daughter – revealed Jessica Mazzoli -. There was a situation that could not continue to go on. He made sure I went away from his house. He denied me any kind of dialogue – he concluded -, behaving in a totally disinterested way even when I lived there next to him. The matter didn't change, so I took Lara and went home. It didn't stop me, it took off a burden. The word stuck is a very ugly word, but that says! ".

Jessica had entered the Big Brother house, determined to tell her story, but she left after a few weeks because of an illness. The Sardinian artist was operated on urgently for peritonitis and after a hospital stay lasting more than ten days, she left the Cinecittà home.

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