Jessica Simpson has lost 50 kg in six months: her dietician reveals how

Jessica Simpson has lost 50 kg in six months: her dietician reveals how

Jessica Simpson, from 100 kg to 50 in six months. After the third pregnancy, the actress relied on dietician Harley Pasternak who told how she made her lose weight

Jessica Simpson, the beautiful American singer and actress, who has always been struggling with the balance (her constant weight fluctuations are famous) appeared on Instagram with a whole photo, in shorts and tops that left the fans speechless. Jess, who after giving birth to her third child, in March 2019, was visibly fattened, reaching almost 108 kg, in the photo she looks very slim and in super shape.

Her newfound physical form, however, as explained by the star and her trusted dietician Harley Pasternak, is the result of constant work that lasted six months, careful and calibrated, not improvised. That allowed her to drop from 100 to 45 kg.

Pasternak, interviewed by the Daily Mail, told in detail how she managed to make Simpson lose weight, with a program of balanced nutrition and targeted exercise. Also underlining that the loss of 50 kg in six months had not been given as a categorical objective, as well as finding an optimal physical shape. All those lost pounds came by themselves, a natural consequence of a healthy and sporty lifestyle.

In October, Pasternak spoke to the DailyMail about the "five daily behaviors" that he explained in his book 5 Pounds and applied to Simpson.

"We made sure that his cardio counted at least 12,000 steps every day before going to bed (1), that Jess slept at least seven hours a night (2), and that he pulled the plug from technology at least an hour a day (3 ), ”Explained Harley.

The other two principles concerned a diet consisting of three meals and two snacks, each of which favored protein and fiber (4), and short resistance training on alternate days (5).

As for the first point, that is, walking a lot, Harley said that it is essential to burn fat: "To lose weight, nothing beats walking".

While point 5, ie training with resistance exercises, "is the best way to tone, slim and strengthen".

Harley reiterated that losing 50 kg in six months was not Jessica's top priority when she started the postpartum health journey. "The goal was the process," he said, "There has never been a specific number of kg to lose. The principle followed was: 'Do the job well and the rest will come by itself'. "

As for Jessica's diet, breakfast consisted of a scrambled egg base (one whole egg and three egg whites) with a bowl of blackberries. For lunch salad with grilled chicken and grilled fish and vegetables for dinner. Snacks included a handful of almonds or green beans seasoned with Parmesan.

In this way, the actress returned to her former form. And he says he feels better than ever. Mens sana in corpore sana, someone said …

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