Jill Biden celebrates her 70th birthday with Joe in memory of her son Beau

Jill Biden celebrates her 70th birthday with Joe in memory of her son Beau

On the occasion of her birthday, Jill Biden and husband Joe took a short romantic getaway to their beach house

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No official events, no public commitments: for her 70th birthday, Jill Biden has chosen the privacy of her family. And with her husband Joe she celebrated in a special place, the beautiful beach house of Rehobot Beach which is a reminder of her son Beau.

On June 3, Jill Biden turned 70, and for the occasion she took a short romantic getaway with her husband, at their seaside residence. Away from the spotlight, the couple have decided to enjoy a few moments for themselves, so as to celebrate the First Lady's birthday in the utmost secrecy. The latter anticipated Joe by going to Rehobot Beach, a splendid seaside destination in Delaware, while the President only reached her on Wednesday evening, at the end of his government commitments.

The couple wanted to spend a few relaxing days in what is a real love nest: the delightful villa in Rehobot Beach is the much desired beach house that Joe and Jill had always wanted. President Biden promised it to his wife while he was still in the vice presidency under the Obama administration. And, in 2017, it finally became a reality: Joe Biden bought it for $ 2.7 million, choosing it for its enchanting location. The villa is located in Rehobot Beach, a small seaside village two hours away from Washington DC and just minutes from Wilmington, the residence of the Biden family.

Although it is not exactly on the beach, the house has an enchanting view of the ocean and is perfect as a summer residence. So much so that, in a very short time, it has become Jill Biden's favorite place. She and her husband are also linked to it for an emotional memory: the villa was bought just two years after the death of Beau, Joe's eldest son who left in 2015 due to a brain tumor. Jill was very attached to Beau, the result of the President's first marriage, also because she had raised him with her brother Robert since their father had known her.

The Rehobot Beach house is a real tribute to Joe Biden's son: at the entrance there are in fact two signs, welcoming anyone who comes to visit the family. The first reads "Forever Jill", while the second recorded "Beau's Gift", or "The gift of Beau". The First Lady therefore celebrated her 70th birthday in memory of the one who, since he was just a boy, has always considered a bit like her son.

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