Jill Biden dares in fishnet stockings and ankle boots: the rock look divides

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"She looks like Madonna": Jill Biden is photographed in a mini skirt and fishnet stockings but the gritty look arouses controversy

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Jill Biden was spotted stepping off Air Force One with a gritty look that amazed: mini skirt, fishnets and ankle boots. An outfit that is certainly not scandalous, but a little unusual for a First Lady. So in a moment, the rock outfit turned into a heated debate on Twitter and on social media in general. And the President's political enemies took advantage of it.

In fact, Jill Biden surprised by that combination of accessories that perhaps taken individually would have gone unnoticed, but overall they raised a few eyebrows to those who know elegance. The look of the First Lady has been sifted through the temple of fashion that is Vogue, which a few months ago dedicated the cover to Kamala Harris, Biden's Deputy, arousing not a few criticisms for the overly casual look chosen for her. But now it is water under the bridge. Now in the spotlight is Dr. Jill.

The President's wife was especially targeted by social media, where many pointed out that her look more than a First Lady reminded Madonna in the Eighties. Others have pointed out that the flared mini skirt and fishnet stockings do not suit a 71-year-old woman.

Of course, many have defended Jill Biden, remembering that fashion has no age and that you are free to wear anything regardless of age.

Undoubtedly, fashion is a game and everyone must feel free to wear whatever they want. In fact, the problem here is neither the short dress nor the fishnet stockings, but the look as a whole which is not particularly successful.

Either way, Jill Biden can console herself. She is not the first nor the last First Lady to be critical of her attire. In very recent times, the flawless, at least in terms of style, Melania Trump, was criticized for wearing stiletto heels during a visit to Houston, Texas, battered by Hurricane Harvey, while Michelle Obama in 2009 was put under blame for shorts deemed too short.

Jill Biden

Jill Biden

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