Jill Biden, first look in Tiffany as Melania Trump: the secret meaning

Jill Biden, first look in Tiffany as Melania Trump: the secret meaning

At the inauguration ceremony, Jill Biden chooses the color Tiffany as Melania Trump did in 2017: the secret symbol

Jill Biden and Kamala Harris, the impeccable looks for the inauguration ceremony

The look that Jill Biden wore at the inauguration ceremony of her husband Joe as President of the United States is dangerously reminiscent of what Melania Trump wore in 2017. Not so much in the cut as in the color: in fact the two women, although so different, chose the Tiffany color. And their decision is not accidental, because that particular shade of blue holds a secret meaning.

Jill Biden opted for the settlement a tweed dress with coordinated coat from New York designer Markarian, with velvet and tulle inserts and decorations made of Swarovski crystals capable of reflecting light, while the collar is made of stones and pearls mounted according to a floral pattern to look like a necklace. Cost of the suit? $ 5,500. As accessories she chose a pair of leather gloves, a $ 1,400 Tyler Ellis clutch and a $ 60 Markarian mask. All strictly Tiffany color. Only Jimmy Choo's powder pink pumps are an exception.

If you remember four years ago Melania Trump showed up for the first time as First Lady with a Tiffany outfit, including gloves. To think that Melania and Jill are so different women, to the point that the Tycoon wife didn't even respect protocol and didn't meet her for tea at the White House as the outgoing First Lady traditionally does with the incoming one.

But the choice of the Tiffany goes beyond personal taste. Indeed, this color is the quintessential symbol of elegance and refinement. Evidently both Melania and Jill wanted to underline this aspect. And then that special blue, which in the pantone is marked with the PMS code 1837, is associated with femininity and seems to have the power to make the heart beat faster, perhaps because its history is intertwined with that of the most famous jewelry brand in the world. .

The color was selected by the founder of the house, Charles Lewis Tiffany for the cover of the Blue Book, the annual catalog of his jewels, first published in 1845. That particular blue was then also called robin blue and forget-me-not, the name of his favorite flowers by Diana, but also a symbol of those jewels that are forever. It is said that the shade was also chosen because it was reminiscent of turquoise, the gemstones of jewelry and very fashionable at the time, loved by brides immensely.

Over time, this color, which is neither blue nor teal, becomes iconic, it becomes a symbol of style and indicates, in addition to elegance, the depth of blue and the tranquility of green.

For the record, Melania Trump took leave of the White House in a black Chanel dress and a $ 70,000 crocodile Birkin.

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