Jill Cooper's diet for a flat stomach

Jill Cooper's diet for a flat stomach

The famous American fitness coach provides some tips, food and more, for those who want to show off a flat stomach

Jill Cooper's flat stomach diet includes a series of dietary rules and advice against stress.

The famous fitness coach and American television face, who is very successful also in Italy (today she lives in Rome with her second husband Alessandro Carbone), remembers first of all that to show off a flat abdomen it is advisable to eliminate from her diet alcoholic drinks, sausages, meat and sugar.

Recall the importance of training – it could not be otherwise, given that his figure is closely linked to fitness and that the videos of his work outs are super followed – but bearing in mind that stress control also plays an important role .

In fact, this psychophysical condition involves the release of cortisol hormone, the presence of which favors the accumulation of fat deposits in the abdominal area.

Another guideline of Jill Cooper's diet for the flat stomach concerns not sleeping with electronic devices near the bed.

We are constantly connected to the smartphone and always attentive to social notifications: turning off everything every so often can only have positive effects for stress levels.

Regarding the aspect of nutrition, it is important to remember that it is important to set the table and eat meals while sitting, as standing does cause excessive stress on the body.

Still remaining in the food sector, Jill Cooper recommends finding an alternative to the aperitif, an occasion in which an excessive amount of calories is often assumed, not always from healthy nutrients.

This appointment can be replaced with a ride with friends, but also with a couple's massage or with an invitation to the house for the whole company.

Very useful for those who want a flat stomach is also the intake of green coffee, which is normal coffee not subjected to toasting processes and excellent ally when it comes to controlling carbohydrate absorption.

Among the other supplements recommended by the US fitness coach we also find Garcinia Cambogia, a plant known for its fat-burning effectiveness, and Ganoderma, a valuable aid in lowering stress hormone levels and improving the quality of the sleep.

Before starting to take them, it is essential to consult your doctor and rule out the presence of contraindications.

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