Jo Squillo is moved by Serena Bortone reminding her parents: "It's an evolving mourning"

Jo Squillo is moved by Serena Bortone reminding her parents: "It's an evolving mourning"

Jo Squillo, interviewed by Serena Bortone on Today is another day, retraced her career and remembered, with great emotion, her parents

Energetic, positive and charismatic, Jo Squillo is a real diva who always manages to attract attention. This was also the case with Today is another day where, interviewed by Serena Bortone, she retraced her career and let herself go talking about what, for her, is still an open wound.

Breathtaking physique and bright dress completely covered with sequins: this is how Jo Squillo came to the Rai studios to tell about herself. Serena Bortone welcomed her, who led a profound interview with great professionalism.

Jo Squillo, thus, recalled when she was a rebellious teenager, extremely attentive to the world around her and determined to write her future with her hands without giving in to what were the conventions of the moment:

I was quite rebellious. In addition, it was not only me rebellious, but also my sister, so our parents were nothing but the hair up. In the 80s there was nothing, the path of the feminine was well designed: getting married, being a waitress or going to be a shop assistant. I was a saleswoman, I went to Art School, then I realized that I liked the idea of ​​writing a better stage for the world and therefore I rebelled against this destiny that was sealed.

And it is precisely speaking of her family that she let herself go to the emotion. The relationship with her twin sister Paola Coletti, her great accomplice, is beautiful, but it is remembering her parents that the singer was unable to hold back her tears. Their loss, which occurred in 2019, represents, for her, a mourning yet to be worked out.

My parents – he declared – taught me tolerance, respect, all those values ​​that are necessary. They also taught me great love, because they abandoned both of us together after less than a month, very recently. It is a grief that is still evolving.

A very touching moment of the interview, which showed a very strong and determined Jo Squillo, but also fragile. With her passion and attention to the environment, women and others, she has proven to be a real example. And, as she herself admitted, the merit belongs to her parents who have passed on to her the values ​​that have always guided her.

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