John Lennon, songwriter: biography and curiosities

John Lennon, songwriter: biography and curiosities

John Lennon and the Beatles, who was the singer who died prematurely and what was his story. Let's find out more about the life of one of the greatest and most famous icons of world music

John Lennon was born on October 9, 1940 in the city of Liverpool, England. At the age of four, little John is forced to face the premature and unexpected separation of his parents, an event that will lead him to move to the home of his beloved aunt Mimi. Lennon's father was a sailor often out of town for work reasons, in fact he was not present at the birth of his son and he missed a lot of important events concerning the growth of the baby. His mother Julia remarried a few years later, but he and Aunt Mimi continued to see each other regularly. It was she who taught him how to play the piano and guitar. In 1958 Julia was hit by a car driven by an off-duty police officer. The blow accused by the woman was such that she died instantly. His death was one of the most traumatic events in the singer's life. As a child, John was a prankster and always loved getting into trouble. As a boy, however, he loved to spend his days drawing strange grotesque figures. In 1957, during a party, John Lennon met Paul McCartney. The two immediately made a great friendship and gave life to what would become the most successful musical group in the history of music.

The following year, they also met George Harrison, an additional member of the Beatles band. The Beatles were discovered and brought to success thanks to Brian Epstein in 1961, during a concert at the Liverpool Cavern Club, where they performed regularly. As their new manager, Epstein offered them a record deal with EMI. Ringo Starr becomes their new drummer and George Martin the producer. The group released their first single "Love Me Do" in October 1962 and, immediately, they had a huge and unexpected success that led them to climb the British music charts. The Beatles quickly became the most famous and popular band in all of Britain. John Lennon married Cynthia Powell during 1962 and in August of the same year the couple had a daughter named Julian. John had called his firstborn just like his prematurely passed away mother. Cynthia has always been forced to maintain a very low profile during Beatlemania. The relationship teetered and she and Lennon divorced only six years later, in 1968. Lennon remarried the following year, March 20, 1969, with the Japanese artist Yoko Ono known in 1966.

In 1964 the Beatles became the first British band to appear on the big screen. These were in fact busy for a few months to shoot their first film, "A Hard Day Night" released in 1964. Also in those months they were getting ready to start their first world tour. The Beatles' second film, "Help", was released in 1965, the year in which Queen Elizabeth II of England announced that the Beatles would be appointed official members of the Order of the British Empire. In August 1965 the quartet could boast the achievement of a new record for the largest number of audiences attending a concert throughout the history of music. When the Beatles returned to England they recorded the album "Rubber Soul" which marked their turning point. In fact, it was no longer only the classic love songs for which the band was known. The Beatles' magic began to lose its charm in 1966, when members of the band were accused of snubbing the presidential family of the Philippines. Lennon also contributed to the slight decline in the group's fame, who claimed that the band was even more popular than Jesus.

After a long pause for reflection the band decided to go back to recording new albums, but another unpleasant event traumatized them: Epstein's death from overdose. In the same years, the collaboration between Lennon and his second wife Yoko Ono had started to cause serious tensions within the group. Lennon and Ono had invented a new form of peaceful protest that saw them stay in bed while recording their new single Give Peace a Chance. The song soon became the anthem of pacifists. Lennon left the Beatles in September, the news of the breakup was kept secret by the band until 1970, when Paul McCartney made the announcement. Not long after the Beatles' dissolution, Lennon released his first solo album and, three years later, announces the breakup of his second marriage to Ono. However, Lennon and his wife soon reconciled and gave birth to their only son, Sean. Tragically, only a few years later, Lennon died at the hands of one of his own fans who shot him several shots while he was intent on entering one of his apartments in New York City. Lennon died in 1980 at the age of 40.

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