John Travolta, mourning for his wife Kelly Preston: a "journey into pain"

John Travolta, mourning for his wife Kelly Preston: a "journey into pain"

John Travolta gave a touching interview in which he talked about the loss of his wife and his path to survive the pain

Kelly Preston and John Travolta: story of their love, between joys and tragedies

Losing a loved one is a pain that cannot be described and that there is no way to overcome. You lose a part of yourself and from that moment it is as if a piece of the person you have been remains stationary at that moment. And this is also the case for John Travolta, who last July saw the love of his life die, his wife Kelly Preston, killed by breast cancer that left her no escape, at the age of only 57.

For the actor it is a mourning from which he still struggles to recover, but which he has decided to face and exorcise by opening up in a beautiful and delicate interview for Esquire Mexico.

I understood that mourning is an intimate and painful path. Pain is not a common concept, everyone experiences it in their own way and it is necessary to take a path that can be soothing and lead to healing.

Only death could separate John and Kelly, whose love seemed to be written in destiny: a solid and lasting relationship, a romantic fairy tale, one of those seen in films and from which three splendid children were born: Ella, 21, Benjamin , 10, and Jett, who died at 16, in 2019. Together they had dealt with the loss of their son, supporting each other, but now that Kelly is gone, John has had to stand alone and be a rock to others too. two sons.

And perhaps this is also why his words are so precious, because they are not just a story, they are a balm for anyone who has lost a loved one.

The most important thing that can be done to help a person who has been the victim of a bereavement is to leave him free to live his life and to follow his path because a person's journey is different from that of all the others.

During the interview, the actor also explained how he felt at that time, how the disappearance of his wife upset many people who, however, poured out their despair on him, leaving him without strength.

Imagine that you have lost someone. At the funeral you are very sad, but another person approaches you who feels sadder than you and does not leave you enough space to cry. You would be like two boats falling to the bottom. Here, this has been my experience.

From all this John learned that grief is a “very personal journey into pain. But sometimes it turns out that you are helping others instead of working on your own loss. And so it happens that you feel overwhelmed. Instead, the first thing to do is go to a place where you can cry without any interference ”.

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