Johnny Depp loses again: court appeal denied

Johnny Depp loses again: court appeal denied

Johnny Depp loses again: court appeal denied after "Sun" trial and Amber Heard charges

Johnny Depp, life and career rebel in 40 shots

Johnny Depp loses again: the court has in fact denied the actor the opportunity to appeal after the sentence that in November had condemned him in the legal battle against the tabloid Sun. The magazine had in fact defined him as a "wife beater" after the divorce from Amber Heard and accusations of domestic violence by the actress.

After the testimonies and a long debate, the judges had decided to exonerate the tabloid, a sentence that was in fact confirmed with the choice not to grant the appeal to Depp. "It is a victory for press freedom and for victims of domestic violence everywhere," explained the Sun's lawyer. The Pirates of the Caribbean star commented on the verdict, judging it unfair and deflected by the testimony of Heard, accused of having promised to give the divorce money to charity but then not.

In the British system, however, the possibility of appealing must be examined by a judge. Depp, who wanted to go back to court to assert his reasons, received a sharp "no" for an answer. In fact, his arguments would not be sufficient to proceed. This is just the last stage of Depp’s judicial odyssey, engaged in a legal battle not only against the tabloids, but above all his ex-wife Amber Heard.

The two actors met in 2012 on the set of the film The Rum Diary – Chronicles of a passion and in 2015 they got married in the actor's house in West Hollywood. Then the divorce, which came after only 15 months of marriage and Heard's accusations against Depp. Since then, there has been no peace for Johnny in a story between shadows, half-truths and hypotheses. Amber continued to argue that the actor was violent, but he always defended himself.

In fact, however, his career has suffered a severe backlash. Depp has been removed from the cast of the film Fantastic Beasts, where he played the role of the wizard Grindelwald, while in America and Australia, Netflix has decided to remove from the list of available films all the titles in which the actor is present. A choice that did not please many ago who launched the hashtag #JusticeforJohnnyDepp.

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