Jovanotti, father proud of his Teresa

Jovanotti posts a photo of his daughter Teresa who reads Dostoevsky and expresses all his satisfaction as a proud parent

Lorenzo Cherubini, aka Jovanotti, is not a lover of private exposure on social media. He loves to post photos of his concerts, of the events he organizes and participates in, of his team. But her family keeps it mostly "hidden".

Occasionally, however, some satisfaction as a satisfied and proud parent takes it off. As in this case, in which he posted a beautiful photo on the boat, together with his 21-year-old daughter Teresa, while the girl is reading Fëdor Dostoevskij's "White Nights".

And the comment:

"Miss knows this here with this hat sitting next to her that distracts her while reading #dostoevskij?" "NO!" even the Russians! Sssosssatisfactions as a parent!) #jovabeachparty #backstage @terrywho_cartoons @fravaliani 📸 @maikid

Many comments. All (not one) positive, of great admiration and sharing: "Brava she is good you parents not to have fallen into the trap of fame but you have pushed her to work and improve day by day"; "This is the fruit of an 'iron class' father";
"Grande Teresa! And great mom and dad! @lorenzojova so you're also human, not just a superhero! ❤ "

On the other hand, as the saying goes: "Who sows well, reaps only good fruits"

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