Julia Ormond, actress: biography and curiosities

Julia Ormond, actress: biography and curiosities

Julia Ormond is a real celebrity; he shot numerous hit films including the famous film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Julia Ormond was born on January 4, 1965 in Epsom, England. It is a famous actress of British origin. It was the second of five children born to the couple "John Ormond" and "Josephine". Little Julia had to face her parents' divorce when she was very young. During her studies, Ormond proved to be a good student and obtained excellent school results. However, during the same period, he discovered that he had a strong passion for acting and the world of theater. It is precisely here that he decides to test his artistic skills and enrolls in the academy of "Dramatic Art". He began to make small experiences both in theater and in the cinema until he got the first positive results. Towards the end of the eighties, she obtained the first recognition as best debutant actress and became part of the cast of the TV series "Traffik". Following this first and important milestone, Julia Ormond made her debut on the big screen a few years later, or in the early nineties. She was chosen to star in her first film "The Baby of Macon".

This small debut was enough and Julia Ormond immediately became part of the world of Hollywood, later becoming a real celebrity. The turning point in his career came when he starred with Brad Pitt for the film "Vento di Passioni". Subsequently he will act alongside well-known characters from the world of cinema including "Sean Connery" and "Richard Gere". However, the films do not get particular feedback and even the public does not demonstrate numerous appreciations. Julia Ormond is then chosen for the part of "Smilla Jasperson" in the film "The sense of Smilla for the snow" inspired by the work of Peter Hoeg. Unlike previous films, that film is a huge success and is particularly appreciated by film critics and the general public. Not only that, the outstanding performance of the actress, considered by some, one of the best roles of her entire career, also stands out. After becoming a true star of the big screen, Julia Ormond moved back to her home country, England. He moved away from the cinema for a short time and began to collaborate on some television projects. However, at the same time, he begins to devote himself to independent cinema.

Thanks to her constant commitment and work, as well as her strong interpretative skills, Ormond does not go unnoticed in the eyes of the directors and is chosen to play a role in the famous film "Inland Empire", under the direction of David Lynch, director of Twin Peaks. A further turning point is coming when two years later he collaborates with other world-renowned directors, including "Steven Soderbergh" for the making of the film "Che – Guerriglia". It is also chosen by the director "David Fincher" who proposes to collaborate for the sensational film "The curious case of Benjamin Button", a film of great success and fame. The years 2007 and 2008 see Julia Ormond working alongside "Jason Isaacs" on the set of the film "La Conjura de El Escorial". However, following these film experiences, the actress's career is facing a real period of decline. It obtains parts of little importance and at the same time is not particularly successful. This period continues until the year 2010, when a new and significant turning point occurs. Julia Ormond wins the Emmy Award for "best supporting actress" for the television fiction "Temple Grandin – An extraordinary woman".

Once back on the television scene, Ormond is subsequently selected for the lead role in the movie "The wrong man". It is an independent film, which receives numerous praise from the public and critics.
As for the actress' private life, when she worked on the set for the making of the film "Cime Tempestose", she met the actor "Rory Edwards" and between the two it was immediately love. The couple started the wedding in 1989 and their marriage lasted only five years. Following their divorce, in 1999 Ormond married her new partner "Jon Rubin", a well-known politician. Five years after the advent of the second marriage, the actress became the mother of her beautiful little girl named Sophie, born from the union with her second partner. Some curiosities also stand out: Ormond apparently takes her job seriously. In "Mad Men" he played the role of the protagonist's mother-in-law. During an interview he released important revelations about it. The woman said she left a man since she dared to watch an episode of the series without her. The actress admitted that the relationship was already quite stormy, but the real breakdown occurred when the unfortunate dared to watch the show completely alone. Julia Ormond is also known for acting in some erotic scenes broadcast during the fifth season, alongside actor "John Slattery".

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