Julia Roberts brings her undisputed over 50 style to Cannes. Let’s copy it!

Julia Roberts brings her undisputed over 50 style to Cannes.  Let's copy it!

Julia Roberts brings her personal style to the Cannes Film Festival as godmother of the Trophée Chopard! With more than 50 years, the actress shows herself in great shape and she never gives up her taste in fashion! Here’s how to copy Julia Roberts’ over 50 look!

The Cannes Film Festival is not only one of the most important occasions of the year for auteur cinema, but it is also one of the most anticipated events from all over the fashion world. All the guests will walk on the most talked about red carpet of the moment wearing sumptuous clothes and bringing their own personal sense of fashion. One of the most anticipated women on the Cannes red carpet was Julia Roberts, who attended as the godmother of the Trophée Chopard. But that’s not the only reason everyone was waiting to see Julia Robers.

Julia Roberts

Photo from Canva

The American actress is definitely one of the most loved style icons ever. From the trendy looks of the 90s, to those that caused a sensation in the 2000s, to the contemporary ones, in which it shows itself more dazzling than ever.

Several times the actress has walked on important red carpets in full naked, or used her looks to communicate a personal thought.

In short, Julia Roberts is undoubtedly a fashion icon, who year after year is able to show her fashion, unique and personal side.

But with 55 years of age Julia Roberts is loved by everyone not only for her official outfits that she elegantly wears on the red carpets, but above all for everyday style.

Let’s see together the street style outfits of Julia Roberts and let’s copy her over 50 looks!

Julia Roberts and her over 50 look to be copied: jeans and clogs during the day, blazers and leather trousers with heels in the evening!

The lead actress of Pretty Woman was hailed by everyone for the look she wore at the Cannes Film Festival, consisting of a one-piece suit that resembled a men’s tuxedo, signed Louis Vuitton, and a black sandal with a stiletto heel. A mix of androgynous style, sensuality and femininity.

Julia Roberts

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What makes her a fashion icon is her personal clothing style that she displays every day. Always attentive to trends, Julia Roberts shows her over 50 looks with simplicity and elegance, and for this reason we have to copy her. Let’s see together Julia Roberts’ most loved all day looks:

  • blazer, t-shirt and mom-fit jeans: there is nothing better than a look made up of white t-shirt and mom-fit jeans, closed by a black blazer jacket. Simple but chic, perfect look from day to night.
  • shirt, skinny jeans and clogs: Julia Roberts is often paparazzi during her days, and her looks never lack clogs, that is, Dutch clogs shoes. The actress wears these trendy shoes with an oversized shirt and skinny jeans.
  • colorful business suit: trend of the moment is the colored suit. Julia Roberts wears it with a printed t-shirt and stiletto heel.
  • rock’n’roll: the actress flaunted a rock’n’roll look with style, consisting of a black jacket, printed t-shirt, tight-fitting eco-leather trousers and stiletto heel. An over 50 look to be copied! By the way, for the summer and by the sea you will need these trendy accessories, signed by Zara!

Julia Roberts

Photo from Pinterest

Here ends the most fashionable style guide ever, the signed one CheWoman which saw as the protagonist the look to be copied by Julia Roberts.

See you at the next style guide, to find out all the news about fashion, society and much more!

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