July's favorites: makeup, skincare and summer must-have hair products

July's favorites: makeup, skincare and summer must-have hair products

Cream blush, shampoo and conditioner, body oil, eyeliner and mascara for a complete proof look Summer is synonymous with lightness for makeup, body and hair: that's what blush, eyeliner, mascara, oil, shampoo and conditioner are all that that serves to pamper us

In summer there are few products that can be endured on the face and body, be it makeup or skincare. Make-up becomes essential, few versatile and easy-to-use, heat-proof products. And also for body and hair the solutions must be easy, immediate and effective. For this month I have chosen a primer and mascara, for defined eyes and extreme eyelashes, which frame the eye, an easy-to-use eyeliner, for a feline look and a multi-use blush stick, for lips, cheeks and eyes. For the hair, a combo of shampoo and conditioner that will make you feel at sea even in the city heat and a silky body oil, with an intoxicating scent that is comfortable to apply because it is rapidly absorbed. Let's find them out together!

Mulac Cosmetics Fatal Attraction Body Oil

The new entry in Mulac Cosmetics is Fatal Attraction Body Oil, a very fragrant oil that leaves a pleasant fragrance on the skin, present but not invasive and which, I assure you, also perfumes clothes, without soiling or staining them. Usually I'm not a fan of body oils, because they unite and leave a heavy sensation on the skin, they never seem to absorb. Fatal Attraction, however, is different, it takes very little for a silky and very soft, hydrated, but which conquered me because it is absorbed immediately, without leaving a trace, even in the hands. It does not give an oily feeling but rather, it leaves a pleasant intoxicating perfume on the skin, it seems to wear the perfume without actually having sprayed it and without being too strong. It stays long and delicately perfumes even clothes. It does not contain silicones, paraffins and dyes and is composed of Vitamin E and 11 oils, including that of rosehip and sweet almonds, perfect as elasticizers and anti stretch marks and argan oil, among the best known but also of patauà, flowers of cherry, damask rose, peony, elderberry, lavender, neroli and jasmine, which give this oil its characteristic fragrance.

Source: Mulac Cosmetics

Mesauda Milano Cheeck Kiss Multi-Purpose Stick Blusher

I have always been a big fan of stick blushes, because they offer a "bonne mine" effect, with a fresh and healthy complexion. They are light and especially in summer, they do not give a dusty effect and avoid creating accumulation, making the skin sweat. The new Mesada Milano Cheeck Kiss blushes are multipurpose, perfect on the go because they can be used on the cheeks but also on the lips and eyes, for a perfect monochromatic look. They fade immediately, both with the heat of the fingers or the palm of the hand, and with a duofibre brush and are modular, for a more loaded or barely hinted effect, truly natural and imperceptible. They do not create stain and, although it would be better to blend them before applying the face powder, if necessary they can also be applied on top, without creating accumulations.

Source: Mesauda Milano

Rimmel London Ultimate Boost Volume Primer and Volume On Demand Mascara

Every time I try a mascara and I think it is the one of "life", then I always try new ones and every time I have a new love. The reality is that, together with red lipstick, it is the product I use the most. When I don't want to wear make-up and I'm in a hurry, a few strokes of mascara give definition to the eye, lengthen it and open it up and I'm ready! I hardly ever use eyelash primers, but Rimmel's Last Boost Volume Primer really makes a difference. I apply two passes before the mascara and the lashes are immediately visibly longer and thicker, without however creating lumps or the "spider lashes" effect. In combination with the Volume On Demand mascara, the false eyelashes effect is assured, they are elongated, curved, thickened but defined, without lumps. During the day the mascara does not drip and does not fall into small pieces under the eye, the eyelashes remain soft and it is also possible to refresh them by applying them after several hours without attacking the eyelashes.

Source: Rimmel London

Mulac Cosmetics OnLiner Eyeliner

Unfortunately my eye does not get along very well with the eyeliner, because it does not have a very wide mobile eyelid and I have an eyelid crease that reaches very low. Despite this, I love the graphic and classic looks that are obtained with the eyeliner and I prefer those in gel and brush or directly in pen. Mulac Cosmetics' OnLiner is very easy to use, with the mistake-proof felt tip, beautiful intense and wet black, it does not dry out and flows over the eye which is a marvel. It is perfect if you are a beginner and you are not very practical with eyeliner or if you want to do it at full speed. It is available in the timeless black, but I also really like the two color variations, Dark Choco is a brown that defines the look more delicately than black, elegant and refined, perfect also for day makeup. Denim, on the other hand, is a very interesting blue that makes every makeup particular, a touch of color that is not obvious but always classic.

Source: Mulac Cosmetics

Hairburst Avocado & Coconut Shampoo & Conditioner

Do you know the smell of summer? Cocktails on the beach at sunset, sunscreen, running? Here, the Hairburst shampoo and conditioner smell exactly of this and, in addition, leave the hair fragrant and soft. They both contain amino acids to keep the hair hydrated, purify the skin without degreasing it too much and the hair appears more dense, thick and full-bodied, but disciplined and easy to tame. Furthermore, they do not contain SLS, parabens and silicones and, despite this, they remain really soft and silky. They are an excellent summer ally, because they are delicate even for frequent washing and, if used constantly, together with vitamins and supplements, the hair appears healthier, shiny and strong.

Source: Hairburst

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