June is the month of cherries. Properties and contraindications of a 'weightless' fruit

June is the month of cherries. Properties and contraindications of a 'weightless' fruit

Excellent as a snack, they are also recommended for children and for those who are following a slimming diet

Just go to the supermarket or fruit and vegetable markets to see cherries everywhere. An exquisite seasonal fruit appreciated by adults and children, known above all for its unmistakable flavor and smell, but less for its beneficial health properties. And it is for this reason that the Interprofessional Organization Ortofrutta Italia, with the participation of the entire production and commercial chain, has organized a national campaign of promotion and institutional communication dedicated precisely to cherries.

Thousands of points of sale from all the major distribution chains and in retail stores will display posters and posters to draw the attention of the consumer to the characteristics and health aspects of this product. Excellent as a snack, it is perfectly compatible with the desire to go back outdoors and enjoy a newfound spring, also following the protection requirements from Coronavirus.

Better in season

"The institutional promotion of the various fruit and vegetable production – says the president of Ortofrutta Italia, Nazario Battelli – is an innovation to grow in our country, with the aim of stimulating the consumption of seasonal fruit and vegetables, especially for the ' public utility 'of the proven beneficial impact on the health of citizens that this entails ".

But what do cherries contain and why are they good for you?

A great source of vitamins

“They are rich in vitamins A, C, B1 and B2 – explains dr. Fausto Aufiero, doctor and nutritionist, in the book "The nutritional and therapeutic role of food (Vis Sanatrix Naturae) – but they also contain proteins, sugars, potassium salts, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, numerous trace elements useful for reducing acidosis metabolic ".

Excellent for children

The little ones appreciate them. And rightly so! Because cherries are an excellent snack for their health and their metabolism, "which will benefit from the 'carrier' effect of the iron contained in them, the hepatic stimulus induced by acidity and the energy provided by their fructose content" , explains the expert. All reasons that will make them an ideal snack in the adolescent growth stages.

Perfect even if you are on a diet

The cherries also represent an excellent seasonal fruit for those who have to lose weight and their consumption is also recommended for athletes or asthenic people for a boost of energy. In particular, a pilot study of a small sample of participants from the School of Life and Medical Sciences of the University of Hertfordshire in Hatfield, UK, published in the Journal of Functional Foods, showed that Montmorency cherries can offer of benefits to those with metabolic syndrome. This particular variety of cherries in fact contributes to reducing the systolic pressure (maximum), the insulin levels and the concentrations of insulin itself in adults with this syndrome, which is characterized precisely by the signs of abdominal obesity, hypertension and insulin resistance. The research examined a group of 11 men and women, between 37 and 61 years old, all with metabolic syndrome.

Don't eat them if …

Their remarkable degree of acidity, however, makes them poorly tolerable for those suffering from gastritis and ulcer, while the contribution of mineral salts will justify their contraindication in arterial hypertension, explains the doctor in the volume. Finally, for their laxative effect, it is better to do without it even if you suffer from spastic colitis, and irritable colon, ulcerative rectocolitis or Chron's disease.

In short: good and healthy, cherries are one after the other and should not be missing on our tables. But what is the ideal quantity to avoid eating too many? A 200-gram serving, writes the doctor in his book, is the ideal dose per person.

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