Kasia Smutniak, 10 years without Pietro Taricone: the tender photo on Instagram

Kasia Smutniak, 10 years without Pietro Taricone: the tender photo on Instagram

Ten years after the tragic death of Pietro Taricone, Kasia Smutniak publishes on Instagram a moving memory that portrays their daughter in a place dear to them

Ten years have passed since the tragic parachute accident in which Pietro Taricone lost his life. It was June 29, 2010 when he and his partner Kasia Smutniak, both big fans of parachute flights, decided to launch from the Terni airfields but, due to a series of complications that occurred during the descent, the The actor had landed at a speed well above normal.

On the tenth anniversary of the actor's disappearance, then, Kasia wanted to remember the former partner by sharing a sweet image on social networks. In the photo published on the Instagram profile of the Polish actress we see Sophie, born from the union with Pietro, intent on admiring a breathtaking panorama in Nepal, a place very dear to her and her mother.

Sophie was only five when her family's life changed radically and for a long time Kasia tried to keep away from the obsessive flash of paparazzi from her baby after Pietro's disappearance. After so many years from that moment Sophie, as a teenager, made her red carpet debut during the last edition of the Venice Film Festival together with her mother.

He has a beautiful smile, just like Kasia, who found him definitively next to Domenico Procacci, a well-known film producer, who became her husband in September 2019. The man, a dear friend also of Taricone, was next to Smutniak after the incident , which allowed them to live the relationship discreetly and away from the spotlight until they decided to join in marriage, with a surprise and secretly ceremony, last year. In fact, on the 40th birthday of the actress, the birthday girl surprised her guests by wearing a white dress, and so she joined the producer.

Leone, a splendid five-year-old boy, was born from the relationship with Procacci, who extended the family of the actress and producer together with Sophie.

The Polish model and actress is used to sharing moments of her daily life with users who follow her with affection on social networks; already in recent days she had appeared pensive and melancholic.

We do not know if this mood of his is linked to Taricone's anniversary, the fact is that many public comments from his fans have come to support Kasia in these days, who have commented on the photos posted by Smutniak with messages from solidarity and in memory of Pietro, who remained in the heart of the Italian public thanks to his smile and his sympathy.

Kasia Smutniak

Sophie, daughter of Pietro and Kasia, in Nepal – Source: Instagram

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