Kasia Smutniak reveals: “Vitiligo? I accept it, it's no longer a problem "

Kasia Smutniak reveals: “Vitiligo? I accept it, it's no longer a problem "

Kasia Smutniak will return to the small screen with a new film, and in the meantime she has returned to talk about her disease, vitiligo.

Kasia Smutniak and vitiligo: "I want to claim my change"

It was July 2019 when Kasia Smutniak had revealed to the world that she had been suffering for a few years from Vitiligo, a skin disease that had just caused her much suffering. After trying in all ways, both traditional and alternative, to heal, she learned to accept herself. Today she returned to talk about it, on the occasion of her return to the small screen.

In fact, the actress will be among the protagonists of the film Sweet end of the day by Jacek Borcuch, in the role of Anna, the daughter of Maria Linde (played by Krystyna Janda), Polish Jew, poet awarded with the Nobel, as she told in an interview to Corriere della Sera: “A film about freedom, about the need to belong and the importance of words. Talk about me too. Never before have I found a project that would tell about my being a foreigner in a foreign country but also in my country ".

But Kasia Smutiak in the interview chose to talk again about her disease, vitiligo, which she has learned to live with over time:

I need strong references: mine are linked to transparency and truth and attachment to real life. Being yourself today, at the time of social media, is the most revolutionary thing. When I accepted it and talked about it, it stopped being a problem for me.

After all, the actress, in the past, had already wanted to celebrate diversity and authentic beauty on her Instagram profile, without filters and tools to conceal it, carrying out a campaign against photo editing.

After showing her illness to the world, she confessed in a post: "On the one hand I was proud to have shown a new me, on the other I was afraid of not being accepted, in my work for example or of feeling derided, observed" .

And then he added: “Do you know what happened next? Nothing. Nothing really happened. Or rather, nothing striking. Many comments of support and sharing arrived. And others followed and more, but above all, I stopped seeing the spots. Just like moles. You know there are, but you don't pay much attention to them. Because it is natural and they are part of you. Today I can say that the closeness of the many people with my own "particularity" has been precious for my journey ".

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