Kate against Meghan: Queen Elizabeth intervenes. And he says his

Kate Middleton trembles: Meghan Markle could give birth on Louis's birthday

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton continue to clash and Queen Elizabeth has decided to intervene

The feud between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton continues, so much so that Queen Elizabeth has decided to intervene.

According to the English tabloids, the Sovereign cannot really talk more about the clashes between the two women, so much so that she would have decided to talk to both. Some time ago, The Queen had summoned William's wife to Buckingham Palace to talk about his relationship with Meghan, but apparently that little call didn't work.

The Christmas spent in Sandringham was the perfect opportunity to have a private interview with the duchesses and to clarify once and for all the situation before it becomes unsustainable. The clash between Meghan and Kate in fact is putting the whole Royal Family at risk and has already led William and Harry to leave. The two brothers have always been united and supported each other in the most difficult moments of their lives, like the death of Lady Diana.

Today, however, they seem distant, so much so that the Dukes of Sussex have even decided to move from Kensington Palace to go and live in another cottage far from the Dukes of Cambridge, which have become uncomfortable neighbors. A situation that does not like at all to the Sovereign who, after remaining silent for a while, chose to act, speaking directly with the wives of her beloved grandchildren.

"This whole story has reached its limit for her," a source revealed, speaking of the Queen. The meeting took place in Sandringham's residence, in front of a tea and pastries, in a formal atmosphere, but with Elisabetta determined to put an end to the feud between Kate and Meghan.

It is impossible to say "no" to The Queen, so much so that the duchesses would have decided to lay down their arms and set aside their respective grudges for the sake of the Royal Family. After that meeting, Kate and Meghan would spend time together trying to find the harmony of the past. War over? Perhaps yes, or at least so the Sovereign hopes, even though, knowing the combative nature of the two women, everything could still happen.

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