Kate and Harry, ever colder relationships. And it's Meghan's fault

Kate and Harry, ever colder relationships. And it's Meghan's fault

The friendship between Kate and Harry began to crumble when Meghan peeked out at Buckingham Palace

Prince Harry once considered Kate the older sister he had never had, but in recent months their relationship has become increasingly cold. The reason could be the arrival of Meghan Markle, now an official member of the Royal Family for just over a year.

According to some British Royal Watchers, something broke between the two brothers-in-law because of the engagement – and later the marriage – with the former American actress. Prince Harry had welcomed Kate Middleton with great joy when she began her relationship with William, when they were still all three very young. In an interview, he even revealed that he felt an almost fraternal affection for her, as if the girl were his older sister. And Lady Diana's second son did not hesitate to support William and Kate from the early stages of their engagement, glad that Middleton officially joined the royal family.

Apparently, however, the same did not happen when it fell to Harry to bring his new flame into the house. The rumors speak of a sudden change in the dynamics between brothers, at the very moment when the Prince decided to get engaged to Meghan and announce their marriage. Kate and William would have tried to dissuade him from taking this step too quickly, since he had known Markle himself just a year earlier. But Harry would have been nervous, seeing in this warning an annoying lack of support from his brother and his sister-in-law.

Therefore, the relationship between Harry and William, and consequently those with Kate, cooled even before the royal wedding, which took place in May 2018. In all these months, rumors have followed about the alleged rivalry between Meghan and Kate , but also the end of the beautiful friendship between the Dukes of Cambridge and Prince Harry. Of course, this is just speculation, but they find support in some clues that caused a stir. Such as the decision (never officially confirmed) of William and Kate to present themselves at Balmoral only following the departure of Harry and Meghan, to avoid meeting them.

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