Kate in crisis goes away. William pursues her to avoid scandals

Kate in crisis goes away. William pursues her to avoid scandals

Kate Middleton among children, scandals, gossip, looks and …

Missing three months at the end of the second pregnancy and Kate Middleton is exhausted. This second gestation was decidedly heavier than the expectation of little George amid nausea, criticism from Palazzo, the decline in popularity and the sexual scandal of Prince Andrea.

Now the Duchess of Cambridge would just like to rest, away from the gossips, gossip and gossip. For this reason Kate decided to leave for a short vacation in Mustique in the Caribbean with her parents and little George. According to initial plans, William would stay in London to study. In the end, however, he decided to join his beautiful wife and son.

So far so normal, even principles can change your mind. However, according to rumors from Palazzo Will, he was forced to fly to the Caribbean by his grandmother Elisabetta, since no one trusts him to leave him alone in London, far from Kate, with his revelry brother Harry. The Queen is indeed alarmed by rumors of a possible betrayal of William against his wife. Some time ago he was caught with former Jecca Craig at a time when – needless to say – Lady Middleton was far away.

Such a father as a son: will Will like Carlo also have a lover?

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