Kate like Harry participates in the hunt despite Meghan's ban

Kate like Harry participates in the hunt despite Meghan's ban

The royal family has gathered for the traditional Boxing day, to participate in the hunt, although Meghan is against it

Kate Middleton took part in the hunting days, but only after the Boxing Day which takes place on December 26th and in which the whole Royal family takes part.

So far nothing strange, except that her sister-in-law Meghan Markle is a convinced animalist and that, in theory, her husband Harry should not have taken part in the annual appointment. Thus, however, it did not happen, although previously the opposite was thought. Last year in fact the Duke of Sussex had not participated in the joke of Santo Stefano, which apparently had upset his brother William. This year, despite the first hypotheses that gave him together with his pregnant wife during the hunt, instead he eventually took part.

And it wasn't the only one. To take up the rifle also Kate Middleton, who apparently has a personal one and that over time has become very fond of this tradition. A further element that proves that there is no good blood between the two duchesses? Perhaps, but from what transpired, William's wife would only take part in the hunt the next day, when her sister-in-law left the estate.

This gesture could be interpreted as an attempt to relax the relationships between the two after having spoken of hypothetical frictions in recent months. And while it is hoped that the situation is improving, there is also to say that the experts have seen too much direction in the last images that have portrayed them together at Christmas.

That of Boxing Day is an ancient tradition, born in the nineteenth century and which now sees the royal family reunite in the mansion of Sandringham House, which is located in the county of Norfolk, for a lunch in the Wood Farm country cottage and for the exploration of the kept looking for pheasants.

A deeply rooted tradition and it is certainly unlikely to be set aside for the animal rights ideas of Meghan Markle. Now it remains only to clarify whether the participation in the hunting of Kate was an affront or not, it is certain that between the two there seems to be a rapprochement. And this can also be good for the baby on the way.

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