Kate Middleton, an organic botulinum cream is her beauty secret

Kate Middleton, an organic botulinum cream is her beauty secret

Lady Middleton recommended a miracle gel to Michelle Obama that smoothes wrinkles without the need for pricks. All the indiscretions

Kate Middleton, the secrets of beauty

What do Kate Middleton and Michelle Obama have in common, apart from being among the most powerful and famous women in the world? A beauty cream. In fact, it seems that the Duchess of Cambridge has advised the now former American first lady to use a miraculous cream based on organic botulinum. The indiscretion comes directly from Michelle's make up artist, Carl Ray, who told how Lady Obama trusted Kate's advice and began using the cream regularly.

The results seem truly miraculous. Although Michelle Obama spent 8 years in the White House, enduring a busy life and always in the media spotlight, she does not show her 52 years at all. Her skin is smooth and completely wrinkle-free. Not surprisingly, he won the umpteenth cover of Vogue.

In case you are interested, the cream in question is called Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel and costs around 50 euros (but perhaps you don't know that the best cosmetic for the face costs less than 3 euros). Specifically, biotulin is a gel consisting of an acid starch extracted from the Acmella oleracea plant which works to reduce muscle contractions and relax the facial features, especially around the eyes and eyebrows.

Unlike traditional botox, which needs prickles, biotulin is a gel that simply needs to be spread on the face and neck with light massages. The effects are not long lasting, therefore it must be used constantly, but it seems to be able to smooth wrinkles quickly. If you prefer a deeper retouch, here is all you need to know about cosmetic surgery.

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