Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, how much they work in a year

This is how the women of the royal family work in one year

An English magazine has taken into account the working hours of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle.

The official commitments of the royals are many: among public outings, duties and apparitions, there are many hours of work that they are facing. But how many are the actual days in a year, in which the members of the royal family have worked?

According to the English magazine Hello, Princess Anna, 68, is the one who has spent the most time for public commitments. Prince Charles, along with Camilla, has reached 100 days of work in a year.

Definitely fewer estimates for Kate and Meghan. Indeed, it appears that the Duchess of Sussex worked only 16 days, interrupting public activities due to the onset of motherhood, while the Duchess of Cambridge reached 25.

In reality, even the Queen has maintained a low number of working days during the year. It is a fact that, in the last few years, it has reduced its public commitments by its own will, reaching a total of 28 days in public functions.

But there is a real who, for hours of work, far exceeds the Queen and the two duchesses, it is precisely the Princess Anna, very active today on several fronts.

As for the duchesses of Sussex and Cambridge, on the other hand, although we are used to seeing them between worldly commitments and public outings, their work duties are decidedly reduced compared to those of the other royals. The interest around Kate and Meghan is quite high, it is no coincidence that we often talk about the two duchesses and their relationships with the royal family.

Moreover, we know, the news stories have repeatedly highlighted the defiant attitudes of Meghan Markle towards the centuries-old traditions of the royal family.
Even Kate Middleton, who has become a lifestyle icon, is the absolute protagonist of the media: her outfits, her relationship with William and the two on royal babies, photographers know nothing about the life of the Duchess of Cambridge.

However, given the data entered in our possession, a question arises: how do Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle spend the rest of the days of the year when they do not work?

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