Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle: the accident that has divided them forever

Kate Middleton e Meghan Markle: l’incidente che le ha divise per sempre

Meghan Markle yelled at an assistant to Kate Middleton who was "shocked" by her sister-in-law's fury. The episode that marked the end of any relationship between the two women

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have never been friends. But there is a precise moment when the war began, an episode that caused the incurable rift between the two sisters-in-law. This is an incident at the Palazzo that revealed Meghan's authoritarian character and upset Kate, at least according to the analysis of the expert on real questions, Tom Quinn.

In a succession of books and biographies coming out in the next few days and already on sale, Lady Markle and Lady Middleton continue to fight. If Meghan con puts her hopes in the volume, Finding freedom, to clarify once and for all the reasons for Megxit and to erase the image of a capricious woman who brought havoc to the Court, Kate is precisely Tom Quinn's defense who in his book, Royal book Kensington Palace: An Intimate Memoir from Queen Mary to Meghan Markle.

The author tells an episode that happened at the Palazzo that would have left the Duchess of Cambridge dismayed. Meghan would have yelled at a Kate staff member who refused to perform an assignment for Harry's wife, not being within his remit. Lady Markle's fury would have shocked her sister-in-law and from that moment an unbridgeable distance has been created between the two women. The incident therefore according to Quinn would be at the origin of the tensions that led the Sussex and Cambridge to move away, until the complete breakdown.

The expert pointed out that this was not the only episode that created tension (Kate and Meghan are also said to have fought over a pair of socks). But since then a kind of jealousy broke out, especially at the moment when Harry saw how his wife "was judged severely" by the Court. Nobody was sympathetic to her, although it was all new to her and she had to get used to a completely different lifestyle from hers. "Inevitably Harry supported Meghan and this created further rifts."

This was how the chill between the Cambridge and Sussex fell. William does not seem to approve of his brother's behavior and this could not stand to see Meg not fully accepted by the Royal Family. The separation was inevitable, but before it was clear to everyone that "things were not going well between the four of them".

After the initial incidents, Kate and Meghan, but also Harry and William, began to ignore each other, mainly to prevent unpleasant episodes from happening again. And then came the announcement, unexpected at least in the way it took place, that Lady Markle and her husband left their role at the Palazzo and moved to America. It's the end of the story.

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