Kate Middleton and William, a friend reveals how they really are at their home

Kate Middleton and William, a friend reveals how they really are at their home

What are Kate Middleton and William really like at home? A friend reveals what happens in Amner Hall

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What are Kate Middleton and William really like? Out of the spotlight, in their home in Amner Hall, Norfolk, the Cambridge would be very different from how they appear in public. To tell it is a source who revealed to People that he was a guest of the couple. In particular, the insider went to Kate and William's country estate, located 180 km from London, a place much loved by George, Charlotte and Louis, with lots of greenery and the right privacy.

The Cambridge home has ten bedrooms, and friends and family are often hosted here. At home, Kate and William, who must always respect royal etiquette and best represent the Queen, can relax a bit. But how are they in private? According to the source's account, they behave like a normal couple, with Kate passionate about online shopping and beauty tutorials, while William would lend a hand both with the children and around the house. "The mansion is charming and welcoming, not a luxurious and stuffy building," explained the insider. Amner Hall "is a normal, hectic house, with children running around and knocking things over".

“Kate at home is very relaxed, she doesn't give herself airs – she revealed -. You would never say you are facing a future queen. If you go to visit her, she always offers you a cup of tea. And very often it is William who prepares it! ”. The Duchess of Cambridge would therefore be "like mothers all over the world" and after putting her three children to bed she would spend her free time "shopping online or watching beauty tutorials on Youtube".

When Kate and William are in Nortfolk, they often take their children to Mable's Paint Pot, a small craft shop where traditional sweets are made and pottery painted. Not only that: often the Cambridge would allow themselves to go out, visiting the nearby pub like a normal couple: “One night I heard them talking about their children, like any parents – the source told People -. I was impressed. They are a normal and adorable couple ”. A couple like many others, therefore, far from the image of perfection conferred by belonging to the Royal Family and the duties from which Meghan Markle and Harry fled.

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