Kate Middleton and William on the Queen's train on an important mission

Kate Middleton and William on the Queen's train on an important mission

Kate Middleton and William will travel on the Queen's train: they have an important mission to accomplish

Kate Middleton and William will travel on the Queen's train, completing an important mission. In fact, the Dukes of Cambridge are preparing to leave for a tour in the United Kingdom, covering over two thousand kilometers in just three days. In fact, The Queen has entrusted them with a fundamental mission in view of Christmas: on board the British Royal Train they will have to face several stages to thank those who have been fighting against the Coronavirus for months now.

The Dukes of Cambridge will visit doctors, nursing home staff, volunteers, teachers and pupils for what has already been dubbed the Thank you Tour. Britain is experiencing a very delicate moment, with restrictions, but also a partial return to normality, in view of the vaccinations that will begin very soon. Among the first to be vaccinated will be Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip of Edinburgh due to their age. Kate and William, like so many other subjects of Her Majesty, will have access to the vaccine only later and, as they have already guaranteed, without "favoritism".

The Cambridge, who are preparing to spend a different Christmas than usual at the home of restrictions, have already announced that during the meetings they will scrupulously adhere to anti-Covid regulations. "The duke and duchess can't wait to show their gratitude in this complicated year – explained a source from the Mirror announcing the tour -. They are also excited about the experience, it will be the first time together on the royal train ".

In 2018, Meghan Markle boarded the train of the Queen who, having recently joined the royal family, had the honor of traveling with The Queen for a trip to Chester. Kate Middleton, unlike Harry's wife, never boarded the Royal Train. It is a form of transportation that Her Majesty is very attached to and which represents a lot to the Windsors. In the carriages, created in 1977, there are bathrooms, bedrooms, offices and a dining room. The interiors offer all the amenities travelers need for a journey that will be very important to the Cambridge.

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