Kate Middleton and William ready to unseat Prince Charles from the throne

The Dukes of Cambridge have decided to work harder after the negative record of 2016. But Will does not intend to betray his father

William and Kate Middleton, the sportiest royal couple in the world

William of England is ready to give up his passion for flying. In fact, he wants to devote himself entirely to institutional commitments. In fact, he and his wife Kate Middleton have been heavily criticized for being too lazy.

The Duchess of Cambridge would have worked only 63 days last year. But on the other hand, he must take care of the family: the school for George, the wedding of his sister Pippa, Harry's new girlfriend, Meghan Markle, to be introduced to the Court.

The Duke is following his wife with just 80 working days. Perhaps this is why he worked with the poor children of the Anne Freud center where he told of the sad loss of his mother, Lady Diana.

The fact is that the pair at Court level was even beaten by Prince Philip, 95 years old, husband of Queen Elizabeth, who attended events for 110 days. Prince Charles spent 139 days in public commitments. But the thickest agenda was that of Princess Anna with 179 working days.

Will and Kate's new attitude has become suspicious. It could be a move to unseat the father Carlo and Camilla from the throne. But Sunday Time ensures:

Some people may question why William continues not to do as much as Princess Anna, but he is determined not to invade his father's camp. He knows that Charles will probably be seventy years old before he becomes king and does not want to be seen as one who nudges his father.

Simply, Lady Middleton and William want to avoid being put into the pillage because they are not interested in the matters of the Court and want to have commitments as many as the other members of the royal family have. Probably not to disfigure.

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