Kate Middleton as Meghan Markle: Christmas with the Queen is at risk

Kate Middleton as Meghan Markle: Christmas with the Queen is at risk

This year, both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle could spend Christmas without the Queen

Christmas with Queen Elizabeth II is an unmissable tradition for the Royal Family: everyone moves to Sandrigham House, the winter estate where Her Majesty usually spends the holidays, and the atmosphere of joy is beautiful. This year, however, it is possible that Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle will give up on this sweet moment of family warmth.

For weeks now, there has been talk of the real plans for the upcoming Christmas, which is approaching faster and faster. The presence of Meghan and Harry had been at risk for some time, due to family tensions that seem to be smoldering, but also to the health emergency we are experiencing and which could prevent the couple from returning to England. Now there are more clues that suggest Marke is ready to spend the holidays in Los Angeles, where her beautiful family has been living for several months now.

According to a source close to the couple reported to People, Meghan and Harry would be thrilled to decorate their home for Christmas, a clear indication that this magical period could be spent right here, as they have already done for Thanksgiving. Indeed, the two already have in mind to organize something special: as revealed by the Mirror a few weeks ago, their beautiful Montecito residence could welcome record producer David Foster and his wife Katharine McPhee, two great friends of the Dukes of Sussex.

For Meghan, this would be the first Christmas in the new family home and she may want to spend it only with her closest loved ones, remembering the traditions she grew up with as a child. Of course, mother Doria Ragland will also participate in the festivities. However, the unknown of the restrictions adopted by the country to avoid the spread of the infection, measures that could ruin Markle's plans.

For Kate Middleton the situation is different: to impose a different Christmas than usual could be the quarantine of Queen Elizabeth II. A source told People that His Majesty is currently in seclusion in Windsor with Prince Philip, and that for this reason he may decide not to go to Sandrigham House, where the entire Royal Family traditionally spend their holidays.

At the moment the British government has announced that up to three families will be able to reunite in one house by Christmas. Kate and William, who are likely to move to Amner Hall, could therefore reunite with the Queen if she were in Sandringham, given the short distance between the two royal estates. On the other hand, reunification would be much more difficult if he remained in Windsor.

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