Kate Middleton as the Queen: William's Concern

Kate Middleton as the Queen: William's Concern

Thinking about her future, Kate Middleton is following in the footsteps of Queen Elizabeth very seriously. However, this worries the British and William

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How heavy is a future alongside a King? Maybe Kate Middleton could tell us if, one day, she could talk freely to us about her emotions. Until then, however, all you can do is observe it and listen to the rumors coming from the sources closest to Buckingham Palace. Sources that, in fact, say the Duchess of Cambridge is overloading herself.

According to reports from Express.co and Daily Mail, Kate Middleton, despite breaking the rules, takes her role as future consort of the King of England very seriously. Those who are around her at Kensington Palace and follow her in her movements say that one of her points, lately, is not to seem inferior to those who preceded her.

For this reason, in fact, it is taking on a very high amount of real commitments. Commitments that require travel, stress and considerable energy expenditure. But not only. In fact, it seems that Kate does not travel light: each trip carries a large amount of luggage, regardless of the distance covered. Vezzo da Duchessa? Far from it.

Sources close to William and Kate argue that this is a way to emphasize his resemblance to Queen Elizabeth II. Yes, because not even the Sovereign has ever traveled with the bare essentials: it would be not very decent. In fact, the Queen brought with her a bag of twelve tons for her tour of the Commonwealth of 1953.

Royal expert Emily Andrews described the amount of commitments made and the growing load of baggage as an exaltation of tradition, perpetrated to please Elizabeth and show her that she and William are the right people for the throne:

The large amount of luggage, the almost constant movement and the application for any kind of patronage suggests how, despite the Dukes of Cambridge are young and easy-going, tradition is the basis for their future in the Royal Family. Kate wants to be the right consort for the King of England and will fight, albeit never in an open manner, for the approval of those who reigned before her.

However, this wanting to prove at all costs that they are up to par worries both the British and Prince William. Also according to Andrews and sources close to the Royal Family, the Duke of Cambridge does not want his wife to undergo such high stress, because it would remind him of the efforts made by his mother Diana in the first marriage.

In any case, Kate has something that Diana did not have: her husband's love and the approval of the Queen, who has already shown herself more than ever understanding and helpful towards him,

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