Kate Middleton at the gala recycles Alexander McQueen's dress. But he covers his shoulders

Kate Middleton at the gala recycles Alexander McQueen's dress. But he covers his shoulders

Kate Middleton at the National Portrait Gallery avoids scandals by changing the dress. But the decision to recycle the look of the gala disappoints

Kate Middleton recycles and modifies Alexander McQueen's dress

Kate Middleton attended the evening gala held at the National Portrait Gallery, of which she has been a patron since 2012.

The Duchess of Cambridge presented herself with yet another recycled outfit. In fact, he wore the black evening dress with floral decorations by Alexander McQueen, who had already shown off at the 2017 BAFTA.

On this occasion he paired it with a Prada clutch and embellished it with dangling earrings with pink stone and diamonds, created by Kiki McDonough.

This time, however, he made a small but significant change: he added the sleeves. Two years ago, on the other hand, he had left his back, a detail not approved by the Court's dress code. Lady Middleton has therefore preferred to adhere to the protocol, also because the most institutional evening required it.

Then perhaps the choice of a more appropriate outfit is part of the strategy implemented to temper the internal tensions within the Palace with Meghan Markle that triggered the gossips and insults on social media.

So after the affectionate greeting with his sister-in-law, Kate decided to adopt an even more bon ton style to avoid possible scandals.

Of course the outfit recycled at a gala evening was a disappointment. But this time Kate is partly justified. After all, he didn't have much time to prepare for the event, since only a few hours before he was busy with the children and their parents at the Henry Fawcett Children’s Center where he charmed everyone with a refined look thanks to the Gucci silk blouse.


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