Kate Middleton beats Meghan: named UK Influencer of the Year

Kate Middleton beats Meghan: named UK Influencer of the Year

The Duchess of Cambridge is an example of style: her looks are among the most desired and purchased of 2020

Kate Middleton, the fairytale coats that are worth 104 thousand euros

The fashion experts have decided. After a careful analysis of the looks worn (and the sales of the same clothes that followed) Kate Middleton triumphed: the Duchess of Cambridge was nominated in the UK influencer of the year, beating what in recent years is in terms of style was his bitter "enemy": Meghan Markle.

In fact, in 2017 the experts spoke of a real “Meghan effect”, capable of transforming into an object of desire every garment that the Duchess of Sussex wore from the first public appearances as a member of the English Royal Family. However, things have changed, starting with the "Megxit": the voluntary removal of Meghan and Harry from Royal titles and duties, has changed the cards even as regards fashion.

Meghan's "partial" exit from the scene favored Kate Middleton who, instead, in 2020 was able to shine with studied and precise outfits even during the lockdown, a condition that put a strain on the looks of the whole world in which we all felt forced not to give in to the temptation to wear pajamas at home 24 hours a day.

According to a careful study of research and user purchases by LovetheSales.com, the floral dress of the Faithfull brand that Kate Middleton wore during a visit to Norfolk, reached the highest research peaks by users. Even the white v-neck cardigan Kate wore last summer during a Zoom link alongside Prince William sent searches into a tailspin.

Kate Middleton in 2020 literally confirmed herself as an influencer in terms of fashion: what she wears attracts attention not only for her title of Princess Consort alongside the future King of England William. The Duchess was able to arouse the interest of buyers more than anyone else, finding in her an example of style from which to draw inspiration.

In fact, it is undeniable how over the years Kate has been able to transform her look as a young girl from a good family, into the Duchess of Cambridge always impeccable in the footsteps of Queen Elizabeth. Gone are the days when she looked like a college student. Now every choice is considered and the sales figures have proved it right.

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