Kate Middleton changes her look and advances towards the throne with Camilla

Kate Middleton changes her look and advances towards the throne with Camilla

Kate Middleton leaves the curls and presents herself with ultra-smooth hair. The look is a triumph and she prepares to rise to the throne, if Carlo and Camilla allow it

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Kate Middleton appears again on video but this time she surprises everyone with a change of look. The Duchess of Cambridge abandons curls and waves in favor of the straightener and the hair is ultra smooth.

After visiting the Garden Center in person, Kate resumes teleworking for a joint commitment with Camilla Parker Bowles to support the pediatric hospitals that I own. The two Duchesses rarely work together, indeed they have not been participating in the same event for the last two years, except last February when they met with their husbands to represent the Royal Family.

As is known, relations between Kate and Camilla have not always been the best. The Duchess of Cornwall spared no criticism of her acquired daughter-in-law, considered to be a rival in the race for the throne. In fact, the two women are both destined to become consort Queens, assuming that Charles does not renounce the throne in favor of his son. But for the time being, Kate and Camilla have teamed up and proved to be up to the institutional role that they will play tomorrow.

And so Parker Bowles opened the conference by introducing and thanking Lady Middleton for her presence. The latter presented herself in front of the camera with a new hairstyle that thrilled everyone and wearing an emerald green dress, the color of hope, signed by Diane von Furstenberg. Obviously the dress is a recycling, the first time that Kate wore it was 2011.

The new hairstyle of the Duchess of Cambridge liked it so much that Femail asked James Johnson, a famous hair stylist, who revealed the secret of Kate's hair. Lady Middleton has maintained her perfect hair even in isolation, apart from when she exaggerated with curls, choosing simple, semi-gathered hairstyles that enhance the shape of her face, avoiding to wash her hair every day with the risk of brittle hair.

A touch of class of the Duchess of Cambridge who has always shown herself flawless even in video-conference, ready more than ever to take the throne next to William and who knows maybe even undermining Camilla herself.

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