Kate Middleton, Charlotte celebrates 6 years with a photo and is more and more beautiful

Kate Middleton raggiante al Battersea Park

Kate Middleton celebrates her daughter Charlotte with a photo: the little girl at 6 is identical to her mother

Charlotte of Cambridge, when William and Kate's daughter grew up

Charlotte celebrates 6 years with a photo on Instagram and is identical to mom Kate Middleton. The Cambridge second child is growing up fast, becoming more beautiful every day. In the latest shot published on social media in honor of her birthday, which is celebrated on May 2, Charlotte is very sweet.

The little girl smiles at the camera, with long hair and a floral dress. The photo is taken by mother Kate, passionate about photography, during a day with her family on the Cambridge estate in Norfolk. Just a few weeks ago Middleton shared another private shot, this time dedicated to Louis, her third child.

If George and Louis seem to have inherited everything from dad William, Charlotte is a photocopy of Kate and grows up very fast. Just a few years ago we saw her at Meghan Markle and Harry's wedding, very tender with her bob and tongues. Now we find her with long hair and a disarming smile. "Charlotte always knows what she wants," a source confided to the Daily Mail, revealing how the Cambridge's second child is already a pretty determined child.

If the beauty is that of mother Kate and the love of dance comes from grandmother Diana, Charlotte would have a character similar to that of the Queen with a hint of the rebellious soul of Uncle Harry. On the other hand, in public events, the little girl has never failed to show her strong character. Unlike George, he already refuses to shake hands with his dad in public, chooses his clothes personally (applying to become a fashion icon) and would be inflexible with his brothers.

She would be in charge at home and, according to royal affairs experts, she would have the future of a true rebel. "Contrary to expectations, medians are promoters of change in economics, politics and science, much more than the firstborn," explained Catherine Salmon and Katrin Schumann, who created the book The secret power of middle children.

And in part Charlotte has already accomplished a small revolution. She will never be queen, but thanks to the 2013 Crown Act she was not overtaken by her younger brother Louis, remaining fourth in the line of succession to the throne.

Kate Middleton, Charlotte celebrates 6 years with a photo and is identical to her

Charlotte in a photo taken by mom Kate

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